Oishi Provides Rental Equipment & Accessories to Clients who wish to start a Business


press-release1Oishi makes it relatively easy for their customers to acquire the equipment they need to run their very own ice business.

Oishi wants to share their ice cream products to people all over the world. The company however, is not content on just selling gelato wholesale for birthday parties and other events. They also want to help their customers start an ice cream business for themselves today.

The people behind Oishi are able to do that by working hand in hand with their clients providing them timely equipment and accessories for all their daily needs. This includes ice cream freezer rental and ice cream cart rental in Singapore. The company also provides ice cream maker in Singapore making it relatively to restock their supplies without the need to go to a gelato manufacturer or ice cream manufacturer. This in turn helps save their customers a fair amount of time and resources in the process.

Oishi’s rental equipment range from freezer & drink dispenser, artisanal showcase gelato display for events & restaurants, freezers / chillers for storage and as well as freezers / chillers for display. Having a gelato display freezer makes your products more enticing to look out and it is good to hear that the company is able to provide such need to each and every one of their clients.

Rental equipment is not the only products Oishi provides. Customers will also be able to find a number of accessories that complements quite well with your ice cream business. Oishi offers metal pans / trays, round tubs, take home packs cups, ice cream cone in Singapore, fan wedge, spoons, cone sleeves, toppings and scoops / tags. There is even a commercial waffle machine in Singapore that is also available over their website. All of their products come with their own set of photos and pictures which helps give customers to some extent an overview on what to expect with this ice cream supplier in Singapore.

Oishi indeed offers a lot of assistance to customers who wish to start their own ice cream business. It is good to hear that they are able to providing a lending hand with the equipment and accessories that they are offering. This along with their expansive line of ice cream and gelato flavors makes Oishi your one stop shop for ice cream wholesale in Singapore. Start your ice cream business today!

About Oishi:

Established in 2003, Oishi has gained a renowned reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of value added wholesome ice creams. Our production factory is location in Malaysia, which is produced daily and delivery in 20-footer frozen container, to Singapore 2 to 3 times a week. Supplying to more than 400 customers, more than 1500 drop points per month, our company has built the business base on trust, relationship and promise for the last 10 years. You can find out more by going over to their website at http://www.oishi.com.sg/.

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