One question for experts in professional cleaning services in Fredericksburg!


What are the dirtiest things inside your house? This is the curiosity of thousands of Americans and not only, judging by Google’s search suggestions via the Autocomplete function. And we found the perfect guy to answer this question: a highly-trained expert in professional cleaning services in Fredericksburg. He works for Home & Business Services –, a family-owned local company operating in the Greater Fredericksburg Area. They cover a 50-mile radius, including the counties of Culpeper, Caroline, King George, Louisa, Spotsylvania, Stafford, and Orange.

They offer carpet cleaning, home maintenance, turnkey services, as well as professional cleaning services Fredericksburg: residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, air duct cleaning, and window cleaning. But, for this article, we will concentrate on housekeeping, also called maid service, and‘s employee will answer your curiosity. “We knew how dirty some surfaces and objects could be even before the Coronavirus pandemic. Today, people are much more aware of germs, bacteria, and other potential hazards of this sort, but the truth is that some places have always been dirtier than others. And they will always be, no matter how thoroughly you clean them”, they start.

  1. The bathroom sink. Believe it or not, the bathroom sink is the most germ-infested bathroom surface. It’s even dirtier than the toilet seat, with almost 80% of its surface covered in pathogen agents. Actually, it’s quite logical since here is where you wash your hands after using the toilet, the expert in professional cleaning services in Fredericksburg explains.

  1. The kitchen sink. Similarly, the kitchen sink is also one of the most germ-prone areas inside your house. A study conducted recently showed that almost half of the kitchen sinks tested were housing (no pun intended) malicious microbes.
  1. The kitchen towels. After one month of use, there is a 50% chance that your kitchen towel will carry some sort of bacteria. Furthermore, towels from bigger households tend to have more bacteria than those from smaller ones, without any children, the professional in cleaning services from Fredericksburg says.
  1. The pillowcase. If you thought about how many germs are living in your pillowcase, you wouldn’t fall asleep too soon, the expert in professional cleaning services in Fredericksburg warned us. The exact figures are the following: after one week of use, the pillowcase holds 3 million colony-forming units of bacteria per square inch, and after three weeks, it could hold up to 8.5 million! This is why you should wash it at least once a week.
  1. The toothbrush holder. Last but not least, the toothbrush holder is also holding more germs than you thought, the professional in cleaning services in Fredericksburg states. In the same study cited earlier, almost one in three toothbrush holders tested positive for Coliform, a class of bacteria that includes dangerous strains such as Salmonella and E.coli. In conclusion, opt for cleaning services as often as you can, to prevent your house from being “taken over” by germs, bacteria, and other dangerous agents.

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