Only Aesthetics brings high quality beauty aesthetics treatments in Singapore


Only Aesthetics is Singapore’s renowned medical aesthetics clinic that offers the safest, and most effective beauty treatments. They are a part of the multi-awarded The Only Group, which has been the leader in giving ladies and men high class medical aesthetics treatments for ten years.

People from all walks of life in Singapore can’t get enough of how great the services that Only Aesthetics provides. They have attained the reputation for providing top quality medical aesthetics treatments in Singapore. Clients from well-known celebrities to the most influential people on social media all praise the quality of services that the clinic provides. From famous stars such as Hayley Woo and Huda Ali to popular online celebrities like lifestyle bloggers Crystal Shong and Holly Jean, many people have become witnesses to how great Only Aesthetics is when it comes to bringing out the best in you, from head to toe.

Only Aesthetics is known for being consistent when it comes to providing top quality medical aesthetics treatments in the island. They have a variety of services which are clinically proven safe and effective in solving people’s body issues, be it acne scars or excess fat. They only make use of the latest technology, which is handled by skilled and experienced doctors and staff members who are approachable and friendly. Only Aesthetics knows that clients are in need of beauty aesthetics solutions that are safe, effective, and affordable.

This medical aesthetics clinic has a wide range of ways to solve people’s body issues. They offer a great variety of the best facial treatments in Singapore. They offer SilkPeel Dermalinfusion, an acne scar removal treatment that also exfoliates and renews your damaged skin. It also serves as a pigmentation treatment. For those who want to have that perfectly flawless skin like those actresses in Korean drama, they have the MCCM Facials. People who want to get rid of cellulite may want to try Venus Freeze, which is a revolutionary and non-surgical technology that tightens the skin on various areas of your body, from your face and neck to your arms and thighs. They also have Teeth Whitening for those who wish to show off a celebrity smile. And they also offer laser treatment for the face, as well as chemical peeling and eye bag removal treatments.

Only Aesthetics also solves other body issues. Things such as unwanted body hair, as well as excess fat, can now be solved in an easy and painless way, thanks to their sophisticated technologies. For those who have problems with their underarm hair, Only Aesthetics offers IPL hair removal, a painless and effective way to get rid of those unwanted hairs using intense pulse light. They also have the VanishR Painless Laser Hair Removal, which provides long lasting effects and is the ideal solution for those who want permanent hair removal. For those who want to achieve fuller, well-shaped breasts, they offer Laser Breast Enhancement, a non-invasive treatment that naturally promotes enhancement of your bust size. Lastly, people who want to have a slimmer figure, Only Aesthetics offer treatments such as Fat Freeze and Maximus, an advanced medical device that does not just contour the body, but is also an effective for anti-aging.

At Only Aesthetics, you can find the best suited medical aesthetics treatments for yourself in Singapore. They are the ones you can always count on for high quality and premium standard of  medical treatments provided by true professionals.

About Only Aesthetics

The Only Group is an international company that has been passionate when it comes to beauty and medical aesthetics. They are a renowned company that has its name appeared on numerous magazines and has also sponsored events in Singapore. They are a multi-awarded enterprise that has been famous for providing what their client needs the most.

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