Only Aesthetics Has 10 Years of Dedication & Experience with a Growing Number of Satisfied Customers


Only Aesthetics is happy to provide their clients with a clear overview on how long they have been in the health and beauty industry giving quality service to each and every one of their customers.

Numbers indeed speaks volume on how popular a company is and this is what you will see when you look at the years of service Only Aesthetics has rendered. As of writing, the company has given 10 years of dedication and experience with 512250 satisfied customers and counting. Furthermore, with a rough estimate of 1000000 treatments performed to date. This ranges from ipl hair removal, pigmentation treatment, acne scar removal, face laser treatment, acne treatment Singapore and many more.

The fact that they posted this statistic directly over the website shows just how confident Only Aesthetics is with the services that they provide. Whether its pigmentation removal, eye bag removal, eye bags treatment, breast enhancement, facial treatment, fractional laser and the likes, customers will sure to find beauty treatment services that are able to cater to their respective needs and preferences.

There is no denying jut how popular Only Aesthetics has become as they are talked about in different media outlets in magazines, newspapers, broadcast shows and other related events. This in turn help boost their popularity making them one of the go to centers for hair removal Singapore, Brazilian IPL Singapore, chemical peel , fat freeze, coolsculpting and many more. Of course, success has also been attributed with the number of satisfied customers Only Aesthetics possess. You will not be finding any shortage of positive reviews from regular customers and even from popular celebrities that have shown their love as well as appreciation to the company. Reviews revolve around IPL hair removal, permanent hair removal, breast enlargement, facial treatments among others.

We can expect Only Aesthetics’ number of years of dedication and experience as well as the number of satisfied customers and treatments performed to increase over the years especially with the quality of service that they are providing. This is the reason why many consider Only Aesthetics to have the best facial Singapore as well as laser treatment for face which is mostly coming from the reviews of their satisfied customers. We can definitely expect more from Only Aesthetic especially since they are part of Singapore’s largest multi-award medical aesthetic group providing them the longevity that they need in order to serve their clients further and beyond.

About Only Aesthetics:

Established in 2005, the ONLY Group is an international company focused on beauty and medical aesthetics. We are vertically integrated: encompassing medical equipment distribution, retail outlets, franchising and global investments. ONLISM is our operating philosophy. We believe in focusing on the single customer as a unique individual with specific needs and also believe each of our employees are individuals who work together as a synergetic whole only. To find out more, you can head over to our website at

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