Only Aesthetics Introduces Award Winning Fat Freezing Technology to their Patients


Only Aesthetics is a proud owner of Fat Freeze M which is powered by Coolsonix that targets body areas including thighs, love handles, tummy and arms freezing and eliminating unwanted fats in the process.

Fat freeze Singapore provides a fast and easy way to remove unwanted fats from the body. Surgery as well as excess workout regimes are not required making the treatment at Only Aesthetics fast and accessible to their customers. Coolsculpting Singapore uses the same approach with its non-invasive body shaping treatment that effectively reduces fat in areas in the body. Only Aesthetics dedication to non-invasive treatments ensures that this treatment is clinically approved and FDA-cleared procedure to diminish fat cells in the body, which in turn improves the body’s contour.

Aside from fat removal, Only Aesthetics also provides a wide variety of dermal services to their patients on a regular basis. For those who are having trouble with unwanted or excess hair, IPL hair removal can become a very good option. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light which is an innovative and painless hair removal treatment that leaves patient’s skin silky smooth. IPL hair removal Singapore has grown in popularity and has piqued the interest of a huge number of women today.

Hair removal Singapore is a popular practice and Only Aesthetics is able to provide permanent hair removal Singapore to their clients using the latest technology that is available in the market today. Brazilian IPL Singapore is also made possible with the help of their state of the art treatment technology.

Only Aesthetics treatment also focuses on their client’s facial features and appearance aside from their physique. This is quite apparent with the huge options that are available that centers around the face. This includes the likes of pigmentation removal, acne scar removal as well as eye bag removal. With their help patients can say totally rid themselves of such problems especially since pigmentation treatment and eye bags treatment is possible at their clinic. As such, acne treatment Singapore and chemical peel Singapore are done to a huge number of patients on a regular basis.

Only Aesthetics is able to keep themselves relevant to their customers as well as with the community in this present day and age and their huge success can be attributed to their innovative and state of the art treatment. They integrate new technologies which help keep their services fresh and exciting not only to their customers but also to the newcomers who are interested on what they have to offer to them.

About Only Aesthetics:
Established in 2005, the ONLY Group is an international company focused on beauty and medical aesthetics. They are vertically integrated: encompassing medical equipment distribution, retail outlets, franchising and global investments. The ONLY Group has received countless industry awards including Winner of Singapore Outstanding Enterprise. Under their belt are also awards for their technologies and service treatments, including rave reviews from the social media. For more information, visit

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