Opening condo ‘gates’ in the city: JIA property offers CITY GATE for a modern city living


Rent retail shop in Singapore from jiapropertySingapore – JIA property, an integrated business in Singapore, offers a 30-storey commercial and residential condominium units in Singapore with City Gate Condo. It is a real estate investment can be occupied as one’s living space or a perfect spot for running a business. The units are ready for both lease and occupancy.

The company provided a brief information for the customers and clients who are looking for condo for sale or condo for rent in Singapore. According to the representative of JIA property City Gate is, “A new mixed Development comprising of 311 residential and 188 commercial units. Moreover, is the latest project launch in Beach Road. City Gate is located within the City Region along 371 Beach Road and directly connected at Level 2 via the existing overhead link bridge to Nicoll Highway MRT.”

Thus, occupants are to enjoy a relaxing and modern view from the high rise building. They will also share such modern and high end kind of living with a significant volume of people as well as the residential tower is home to 311 residential and 188 commercial units.

With the Bayfront Ventures Pte Ltd  (JV by World Class Land & Fragrace Group) as the developer of the project and SAA Architects Singapore as the architects, clients are assured that the 30-storey building is planned, designed, and built in top quality construction approach and techniques.

Moreover, the most common problem in residential and commercial condominiums such as the parking lot for their cars is provided with solution. The project has allotted 315 for residential, 113 for commercial (3 Loading Bay) car parks for the occupants of the residential tower.

People who are looking for a convenience and modern condo living are encouraged to browse through the condo unit for sale and condo for rent of JIA Property. Aside from City Gate, there are other residential and commercial high rising towers for them. The team from JIA property is happy to accommodate each and every concern of the clients.

About the company:

JIA property, an integrated business in Singapore, designed to meet the needs of those who’d like to engage in the business of property investment. The company exhibits and offers a wide variety of quality properties in Singapore such as different condo for sale, Singapore condo for rent, and even down to Singapore retail shop for rent. The company knows how the property market circulates within the peripheral and intersecting needs and luxury of the clients whether for personal use or for business alike. JIA property also introduces Yin Lan Ping who graduated with a bachelor in Engineering Science. She came to Singapore in 1998, and obtained a Diploma in LCCI for management accounting, then transitioned from an accountant to a property agent in 2010, after obtaining her license. With a sincere and positive attitude, Yin Lanping has always been friendly and reliable. To find out more, visit:

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