Ophthalmic Consultants offer quality eye care services in Singapore


Ophthalmic Consultants is an eye care clinic that provides top of the line eye care services in Singapore. They cover a variety of conditions from the front to the back of the eye.

The eye clinic has been established in the year 1995, with the goal that they will provide care that demonstrates quality, safety, concern, and experience using advanced technology. Ophthalmic Consultants ensures that the patients are going to feel safe and comfortable in their clinic, so they do not just provide sophisticated equipment and professional eye care services, they also provided a comfortable and soothing environment to ease people awaiting their consultations and treatments.

Ophthalmic Consultants has an approachable staff and doctors who are always there to give care and tend to your needs. Among their notable eye doctors is Dr. Por Yong Ming, who is a fellowship trained corneal and external eye disease specialist. He also has extensive expertise in cataract surgery, as well as in corneal transplantation.

Dr. Por is an experienced eye specialist. He is as scholar at Raffles Institution and Raffles Junior College, and he has also won an Australian Government Merit Scholarship to study Medicine at the University of Melbourne, where he even graduated with honors in the year 1997. He had taken ophthalmology training in the United Kingdom, and he then returned to Singapore to join the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) in the year 2001. He then took up corneal fellowship training with Professor Donald Tan in 2007, after which he was appointed Consultant in Cornea and External Eye Diseases at SNEC in 2008. He also worked at Jerry Tan Eye Surgery before he became one of the renowned eye doctors in Ophthalmic Consultants. He is a versatile eye doctor who has great knowledge of the various eye conditions. He, together with the rest of Ophthalmic Consultants, all aim to make use of their skills and knowledge in ophthalmology to help patients who are dealing with eye problems.

Ophthalmic Consultants offers a variety of eye treatments. They are one of the eye clinics that offer LASIK treatment in Singapore. LASIK is a type of operation which aims to change the spectacle power of the eye. This surgery is fit for people who are shortsighted, as well as for those who have astigmatism. Aside from LASIK treatment, the eye clinic also provides services such as cataract surgery, ICL surgery, corneal transplantation, stem cell transplant, and even eye reconstruction. The eye clinic only makes use of the latest equipment, and the patients are always under the care of professional eye specialists, so Ophthalmic Consultants guarantee that their services are safe.

With eye specialists that are true professionals, and a staff that assures the safety and comfort of the patients, Ophthalmic Consultants is an eye clinic who can provide quality eye care services.

About Ophthalmic Consultants
Ophthalmic Consultants is a subspecialist eye care clinic that is based in Singapore. They are notable for providing top of the line eye care services, covering a spectrum of conditions from the front to the back of the eye. They have only the best and most professional cataract surgeons and eye specialists, who are dedicated to giving you proper eye care.

To know more about Ophthalmic Consultants, you may visit their website: http://www.sgeyesurgeon.com/

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