Pace Group Tuition Makes Education More Exciting


Pace Group Tuition introduces the first Flipped Classroom in Singapore. A world renowned team of educators who have coached in over 100 schools in Singapore and even in countries like US, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, India and Malaysia are involved in offering this Flipped Classroom program.

The Flipped Classroom is a customized program where students will be given attention and opportunity to learn at their own pace through an interactive mode of learning system called Power Capsule. Effective learning is instilled via the Power Capsule and students can always seek online support from the Flipped Classroom educators to aid their studies. This methodology of teaching challenges the traditional method that lacks the excitement and interactivity that the Flipped Classroom offers.

The tuition centre, Pace Group Tuition offers physics tuition, chemistry tuition E and A math tuition for Secondary school students, as well as maths and science tuition for Primary school students. Here, instead of homework, the Flipped Classroom method is used. Students are expected to learn more effectively in the fun and interactive classroom.

Apart from Flipped Classroom, Pace Group Tuition also offers Let’s Flip and The Next Level holiday programs for children. Let’s Flip program includes trips to Universal Studios Singapore and The Luge during the 3 days camp for children between the ages of 11 to 15.Meanwhile the Next Level is targeted at the 12 year olds to prepare them for the upcoming Sec 1. Next Level programs bring to students the Maths Camp and the Science Camp.

Not only focusing on students, Pace Group Tuition also helps educators who wish to run their own tutorials. Introducing a new concept of classroom rental, interested educators can expect a flourishing tuition centre here. The benefits of classroom rental from Pace Group Tuition are:

  • Located in high traffic area near Bishan and Marymount MRT station
  • Easy access via MRT and public busses
  • Availability of free parking
  • Availability of WIFI
  • Exchange of clientele if applicable
  • Educators can also tap into the student market available in Pace Group Tuition for subjects that do not conflict Pace Group Tuition’s classes
  • Flexible classroom arrangement
  • 12 students to a classroom at any one point of time
  • Teaching facilities provided
  • Fully air conditioned
  • Affordable fees beginning at SGD 25 per hour for non peak hours, SGD 30 per hour for peak hours and SGD 35 for super peak hours.
  • Availability of online and offline advertising network
  • Colour printing for flyers
  • Free advertising at the centre
  • Tuition software system to aid for classes
  • Affordable package for long term rental

Pace Group Tuition centre operates from 2pm to 9 pm during weekdays and 10 am to 7pm during weekends. Weekends are considered super peak hours while weekdays, 5pm to 10pm is considered as peak hours. Off peak hours are from 9am to 5pm during the weekdays, ideal for educators mulling over classroom rental.

About Pace Group Tuition:
Pace Group Tuition is a leading network of tuition centre in Singapore with local and international presence and experience. The tuition centre provides a cutting edge education technology such as Flipped Classroom that produced a great number of success stories as well as empowers educators via classroom rental facility. For more information, visit

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