PACLIN, a trusted leader and frontline in the field of installing ID systems offers its Magicard Card Printers, designing and supplying membership cards and staff badges and providing bureau services to retailers, event organizers, schools, private clubs, hotel, government offices, and door access and security related companies.

The company offers state of the art and high technology equipment needed for id systems of every company. It also makes available various types of its printer that boast different features and advantages; all for the expediency of the users.

For instance is the Helix ID Card Printer, which is the world’s first re-transfer printer with built-in visual security. With the combined high definition print quality and intelligent interface and in-line visual security, Helix is indeed the new foundation of trusted identity. Helix introduces Magicard’s latest visual security breakthrough. An evolution of the famous HoloKote watermark, HoloKote+ adds a security feature or logo to the card at the point of printing (Patent Pending). Designed to work with the re-transfer process, HoloKote+ exploits the wavelength and lens effect of the re-transfer film to fluorescence under UV lighting conditions.

PACLIN also boasts of its Rio Pro Xtended ID Card Printer which serves to extend the capabilities of printing. Built on Magicard’s successful Rio Pro platform, the Rio Pro Xtended allows users to print cards up to 140mm long. It has an adjustable back card hopper, updated mechanics and the same size, speed and features as the Rio Pro. It has the ability to print card sizes that measure up to 56mm longer than a standard Cr80 card, it is a perfect tool for retail and event operations.

For those looking for the best value color ID card printer, Pronto ID Card printer is the right one. It is a quality dye-sublimation ID card printer at a great price. It is incredibly easy to use with drop-in dye film and hand-free card loading. The Pronto features a magnetic stripe encoding option and its built-in HoloKote visual security system that offers a choice of four watermark designs.

While for those who seek to upgrade their card printing, the Enduro+ ID Card Printer is a good choice as it comes with a built-in professional, fraud proof ID card printing technology which helps to reduce costs and makes card printing quick, secured and simple. It is the perfect tool for school, colleges and medium sized business that print up to 10, 000 cards per year.

PACLIN has several more offers in the line of its printers, as such are the Rio Pro Secure ID Card Printer which allows the on demand and on location issuance of payment cards through the use of its quality of the top-rated Magicard Rio Pro series. The Rio Pro Secure features an opaque, lockable input hopper to secure blank cards. A secondary lock prevents the printer from being opened by unauthorized personnel and secures the opaque output stacker cover. It also has a locking port designed into the base that attaches the issuance station to any fixed location. Other printers are Prima 4 ID Card Printer which has the highest print quality and reverse-transfer laminating ID card printer; XXL ID Card Printer that is developed for the worlds of sports, conference venues and music events that is ready size up the competition with the next generation printer for oversized cards; Rio Pro ID Card Printer that is the professional’s choice for secured card printing; HoloPatch which is enhanced with a highly reflective gold ‘super diffuser’ foil square that intensifies the visibility of any HoloKote logo, exclusive only to Magicard; and HoloKote series like HoloKote Flex and custom HoloKote.

PACLIN also has a machine for card lamination that involves putting a clear layer of PVC over the card surface. This version has an added security, by which laminate films containing an optical security logo or hologram are made available.

About the company

PACLIN is a registration solution provider to several businesses of different nature that are in need of aid in setting up ID systems such as its Magicard Card Printers, designing and supplying membership cards and staff badges, and providing bureau services to retailers, event organizers, schools, private clubs, hotel, government offices, and door access and security related companies. In addition, PACLIN exports bookbinding and laminating equipment to all the ASEAN states, the African continent and distant countries in the Indian Ocean, Bhutan, Iran and Sri Lanka. PACLIN proved its reputation for being a trusted leader in its field by securing Exclusive Sole Distributors with open accounts from USA, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Italy and South Korea. It also became the Master Distributor of Magicard printers (UK) in South East Asia. The company subscribes to the simple philosophy of assisting the business sector in enhancing their corporate image. This is achieved through the use of its quality value-added, highly-secure identification and document presentation systems. For more information about PACLIN, visit:


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