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Lanyard_holder paclinidVirtually every organisation in Singapore is filled with name tags and ID cards to find reference to their company’s brand and the representation of their staffs. It is important to have a professional ID card and have a proper way of presenting the company, may it be to a potential client, a partner or to the general public. The company has to ensure a good identification system is in place for its staff and the visitors.

In this time and age, companies have adopted quite a number of ways in identifying their staffs. From the entrance, the staffs and visitors are given a form of identification before entry and even when they are in a vicinity which has restricted access, they are required to display their ID cards. These ID cards are always placed inside an ID card holder and have a lanyard that allows the person to display their pass at all times when they are on the grounds of the company.

Your One-Stop Provider for ID Cards

Paclinid provides ID card holders, ID card design and print services to many companies in Singapore. To accompany these card holders, Paclinid also makes lanyards which can be customised to your own design with images, company logos or even company names. If your company is a young and vibrant one, you may even opt for a customised wristband as well.

Visitor Control and Management System Software available

Companies, especially government-affiliated one, have adopted a no-nonsense policy when it comes to visitor control and staff management process. This security upgrade requires a lot of identification details to each and every individual walking into the company. Paclinid provides the visitor management system by Easy Lobby which elevates your security even further.

The visitor management system performs as an instant entry access to a company that is expecting guests or enquirers. It reads the visitor’s identification card or a passport obtaining vital information that is required. In this process, the image of the entrant is then captured by a wireless camera which then compiles the data on the system’s Easy Lobby software. Within a few moments, the entrant is then issued with a visitor ID card with their image on it. These cards issued are re-useable as they are re-writeable.

About the company:

PACLIN is a registration solution provider to businesses of different nature that are in need of aid in setting up ID systems,. In addition, PACLIN exports bookbinding and laminating equipment to all the ASEAN states, the African continent and distant countries in the Indian Ocean, Bhutan, Iran and Sri Lanka. PACLIN proved its reputation for being a trusted leader in its field by securing exclusive sole distributors with open accounts from USA, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Italy and South Korea. It also became the master distributor of Magicard printers (UK) in South East Asia. The company subscribes to the simple philosophy of assisting the business sector in enhancing their corporate image. This is achieved through the use of its quality value-added, highly secure identification and document presentation systems. For more information about the company, visit:

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