Pain Management in Singapore


Get pain relief from the Pain SpecialistPain management is being sought after by Singaporeans for two main reasons. Firstly, to stop relying on painkillers which disrupt the natural cycle of the body. Secondly, to satiate their curiosity regarding this discovery which is gaining popularity among Singaporeans day by day.

Whatever the reasons may be, pain management is indeed making history with safe techniques to combat pain. There are many pain management clinics in Singapore. It is notable that The Pain Specialist is at the forefront when it comes to pain management in Singapore.

The Pain Specialist works closely with patients to know about their medical history and current medical status. Their goals are to keep the pain at a tolerable level to reduce sufferings of the patients and to increase their independence whereby they are no more depending on the medical field.

They also aspire to reduce the restrictions that arise due to pain and keep them from enjoying life, improve their sense of well-being and control over pain, to decrease and over time eliminate the need for narcotics and sedatives, and to develop a capacity to return to work.

The Pain Specialist specializes in the management of various pains. Among those are low back pain, neck pain, lumbar and cervical radiculopathy, headache, facial pain, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, cancer pain, neuropathic pain, pain after surgery, facet arthropathy, Raynaud’s disease. chronic abdominal pain, chest wall pain, intractable angina, pelvic pain, groin pain, shingles pain, arthritis pain, fibromyalgia, sports injury pain, post-accident pain, post-stroke pain, post-surgical pain, chronic pain syndrome, complex pain syndrome, and disability evaluation.

The methods that are being used by The Pain Specialist to combat pain are Radio Frequency Therapy (RFT) and DLSC Nucleoplasty. These FDA-approved methods are being opted by many Singaporeans to manage their pains better than before.

The Radio Frequency Therapy (RFT) uses RFA to combat pain. An RFA uses radiofrequency energy to disrupt nerve functions. When this is done to a medial branch nerve, the nerve can no longer transmit pain from an injured facet joint.

The pain relief provided by Radio Frequency Therapy (RFT) varies from one person to another. This is due to the fact that nerves regenerate after an RFA. Due to the safe nature of this pain management method, another RFA can be done if the pain returns.

DLSC Nucleoplasty is an outpatient, percutaneous approach to disc decompression that is localized and can be controlled. It has been shown that disc decompression treats symptomatic patients suffering from back pain associated with contained herniated discs.

This method uses the Coblation technology. Coblation technology uses bipolar radiofrequency energy to remove tissue via plasma molecular dissociation. It is to be noted that over 35,000 patients have benefitted from DLSC Nucleoplasty with no unresolved complications.

With the advanced and safe pain management methods, The Pain Specialist is becoming the top choice among Singaporeans when it comes to pain management in Singapore.

About The Pain Specialist:

The Pain Specialist are based at the Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre and Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre. They have experienced pain specialist who are dedicated and up-to-date with the latest development in pain management.

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