The Pain Specialist Offers in depth Information of the Procedures they provide


Editorial Publication2The Pain Specialist gives online users a clear overview on what to expect with regards to the services they are providing.

The Pain Specialist believes in the practice of transparency and this can be seen with how they share information not only to their patients but also with other online users as well. People will be able to read procedures such as radiotherapy frequency as well as DLSC nucleoplasty at any given time when the need calls for them to do so. This in turn helps readers find suitable treatment for Back Pain in Singapore or perhaps Neuropathic Pain in Singapore.

Aside from the basic procedures found at The Pain Specialist, this pain clinic has also taken the extra measures of providing their readers with timely and relevant information about the likes of Knee Pain in Singapore, Fibromyalgia in Singapore and the likes. There are indeed a lot of materials that are being covered including the cause of their pain, suitable therapy procedures as well as some handy exercises to help keep the painful groans away. In a sense, this provides a good measure of pain management solutions in Singapore before they appointment therapy appointments come in place.

Speaking of appointments, customers are able to easily setup an appointment with The Pain Specialist in a seamless and convenient manner. Their clinic is open from Mondays to Saturdays and patients can schedule an appointment in advance by calling them. There is also the option to make online enquiries over their website. Online users need only to fill up their contact details with the enquiry form which includes the patient’s name,mobile, email, address along with their enquiries and they are all set and ready to have their questions answered. Get in touch with the Pain Specialist today!

About The Pain Specialist:

The Pain Specialist provides a comprehensive treatment program utilizing traditional and alternative modalities. Dr. Yeo Sow Nam is the first Australian and New Zealand certified Pain Management Specialist in Singapore, and is also the first Fellow in Interventional Pain Management in Singapore. Theyuse a multi-modal mechanistic approach, which means that a team of specialists with diverse expertise works with their patients as well as their primary care physician or specialist to determine the most appropriate treatment. To find out more, you can head over to their website at

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