Pandemic Self-love: Activities to Invest in amid the Crisis


No one was prepared for the Covid-19 pandemic. We suddenly had to make numerous adjustments to stay safe and sane during the crisis. It disrupted our life, changed our priorities, and made us fearful and anxious for our own health.

Now that health and wellness are everyone’s top priority, it only becomes a must that we give ourselves more love and care than we usually do. Making time for self-care is extremely important, especially now that our mental health is at stake. Thankfully, there are lots of self-care activities we can invest in to pamper ourselves during the crisis.

A Skin Care Routine

Overthinking, stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy eating habits, and many more factors can greatly impact our skin. Don’t forget about the constant mask-wearing we have to do every time we go outdoors. This is one reason why many of us are now suffering maskne.

Some of us now have dry skin due to the constant use of alcohol and hand sanitizers. Others have dry, irritated skin because of their regular use of bleach, disinfectants, and other cleaning agents. Those with existing skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema, and even psoriasis are battling worse symptoms aggravated by stress.

All these show that skincare should be viewed as a necessity. Thankfully, we can choose many effective products that can help us fix and prevent skin problems. From benzoyl peroxide cleansing products to all-natural skincare products, we can invest time and money in worthy products to better care for our skin during the crisis.

A skincare routine does more than treat acne and prevent other skin problems from occurring. This can also help improve one’s mental health. Skincare can help add structure to our day be a relaxing bonding time with loved ones, and putting our minds at ease before bedtime makes it an excellent aid for better mental health.

Spending Time in Nature

It may seem risky to go outdoors and be around nature. But according to health experts, outdoor spaces can be a lot safer than indoors. As long as you follow social distancing rules and other health and safety measures, you should be able to enjoy nature with fewer worries.

You have the option to stay in your own yard, relax in your deck, or do a bit of vegetable gardening in your backyard. You can go out for a job, enjoy a short hike, or even walk your pooch to the dog park. If going out bothers you, you can always bring nature inside by taking care of indoor plants.

Numerous studies show that nature boosts physical and mental well-being. Spending time with nature can improve one’s mood, relieve stress, and even boost one’s concentration and creativity. You get to escape from the chaos of the pandemic while enjoying the feeling of being surrounded by nature.

Stay Active and Get Enough Sleep

It is not enough that you eat well. You may be fueling your body with nutritious foods and even got rid of your drinking problem or substance abuse. But without enough exercise, it can be hard to maintain a stronger body.

Staying active helps improve your body’s health and strength. But one thing you should not forget is to get enough rest after your workout. Aim to sleep enough hours each day and give your body the amount of rest it needs.

Your body’s ability to recover and mood are highly dependent on your sleep. This is why you feel tired and cranky whenever you fail to achieve a good night’s sleep the night before. To keep your stress levels manageable, make sure you give yourself enough time to enjoy a restful sleep.

Nurture a Hobby You Always Wanted to Try

Engaging in activities you are interested in can help boost your mood and reduce your stress levels. Now that we shelter in place, make time to nurture a hobby or passion you used to take for granted. If you are not sure what to do, consider writing, gardening, or baking.

Almost everyone is into gardening during the crisis. People also went baking which caused a flour shortage mid-crisis. These two activities are known to help with one’s mental health while aiding their healthier eating habits.

Another hobby worth investing in is writing. You don’t need to have perfect grammar to write and share your thoughts and emotions. There is no need to publish your writings if you are not comfortable doing so.

Writing helps you pour all your thoughts, ideas, and emotions into words you can read and review. You can choose to start your own journal filled with things you are grateful for or your reflections despite the crisis. You can even start your own blog showcasing the things you can share that others might find helpful.

The crisis undoubtedly impacted our physical and mental health. It only makes sense that we take extra care of our physical and mental health. Never take self-care for granted, and it will be easier to cope and deal with the stress that comes with the pandemic.

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