ServiceDott, a Recruitment Solutions Provider that brings forth state of the art Recruitment and Candidate Management Systems to help companies address their Hiring and Talent acquisition needs is actively looking for resellers to expand their market beyond Singapore.

These IT solutions that ServiceDott is offering are indeed high-tech by way that DM Recruit™ enables to automate almost every step in the hiring process. Featuring modern technological tools in the field of

Recruitment Software which includes:

Applicant Tracking System, a software application that facilitates in the electronic handling of recruitment needs is upgraded by ServiceDott into becoming an innovative and powerful applicant tracking system that modernizes / streamlines the entire recruiting process from job creation, advertisement and publishing to candidate resume capture, filtering, interviewing and hiring.

ServiceDott’s ATS (Applicant Tracking System) provides specific functions such as sourcing of candidates from different sources to one database; multiple viewing of applications submitted by a particular candidate; avoidance of data redundancy by managing resume versions for each candidate; maintenance of candidates’ availability status; logging of interview details for future reference; and maintenance of all candidate documents at one place (example are resume, photograph, pay slips, certificates and so on.) Career Portals feature in DM Recruit™ provides a portal that is essential in launching the brand for recruitment efforts and creates comprehensive career site portals quickly and easily, with no technical knowledge needed.

This feature includes functions such as redirecting of candidates from job portals to a standard online application; advertising jobs with quick apply links; building of a unique candidate pool by dynamic online job listing; and enhancement of branding for your company by increasing traffic to your online platform.

Content Searching feature via DM Recruit™ becomes more convenient by simple process of inputting keyword or phrases from an attachment. For example is: resume. This provides users with the ability to quickly find terminology within the collected resumes without having to browse through them endlessly.

Functions included in this feature are searching of content of a resume attachment; doing boolean, logical, & test searches; searching of either a single word or phrase; searching of resume attachments across more than 70 file formats used; and searching of both profile and keyword data combination.

Microsoft Office Integration feature of DM Recruit™ allows seamless integration with Office products. This is due to the popularity of attaching Microsoft Office tools in this system. Accordingly, users can find recruitment functionality in Microsoft Outlook/Word to perform their tasks much more efficiently.

This feature processes tasks like auto-formatting of candidate resume using Microsoft Word built-in tools; saving of candidate application emails to database using Microsoft Outlook  built-in tools; sending of personalized emails to candidates with one click (mass email option available); forwarding multiple candidate details with attachments and emailing documents with automatic PDF conversion.

Administrative Tools feature in DM Recruit™ provides control on users, policy and system settings. All data look ups are managed in a centralized database without any dependency on IT staff.

With this feature, users can easily do once-complex tasks because of centralized admin to control user access; privilege-based access for all key functionalities; interactive front-end to manage system field values; self-serve system modification at no extra cost and restricted view for high-end resumes or job orders.

These highly-functional and efficient tools are among the efforts that ServiceDott is offering its clients, as the company aspires to achieve its vision of providing the highest level of customer satisfaction via its DM Recruit™ Software.

ServiceDott in its quest to scale is pleased to work with reputable resellers from around the world, and for this reason it encourages interested parties to contact them at number 65 6560 9895 .

ServiceDott is a Recruitment Solutions Provider that brings forth state of the art Recruitment & Candidate Management Systems to help companies address their Hiring and Talent acquisition needs. For more information, visit:

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