Party Empire brings magic to kids’ birthday parties


Party Empire is everyone’s one-stop party entertainment provider in Singapore. Providing people with various options of entertainment for their celebration, Party Empire is surely going to bring magic into any party.

Party Empire’s main speciality is providing magic shows for any event, but most especially the kid’s birthday parties in Singapore. When it comes to entertainment for such special events, they are the name to be called by birthday party planners in Singapore. Party Empire takes pride in providing amazing magic performances not just for children, but also for the adults. Party Empire provides the best Magic Show you can find in Singapore, with Jasper Lee being the performer. Jasper is a very talented magician. He has been recognized as the champion at Singapore Magic Circle Legerdemain in the year 2012. He was also a finalist at the Singapore Street Magic Festival in the year 2011.

Simply put, Jasper is just the perfect magician for kids’ birthday party in Singapore. Not only does he bring wonderful magic performances on events, he is also an experienced host who knows how to entertain very well. His exceptional skill when it comes to performing magic tricks is matched with his excellent ability to communicate with his audience and make every party lively with his sense of humour. And since Jasper has been experienced when it comes to performing for events, he is very knowledgeable when it comes to making kids’ birthday parties extremely fun and exciting. He is a professional who will surely make any event amazing and magical.

Not only does Party Empire provide magic shows for children’s parties. They also provide other forms of entertainment to keep the kids’ parties fun and lively. They do not just get the children occupied by means of magical performances; they have also come up with interactive games that are sure to get everyone involved – not just the children but also the parents and all the adults in the party. Among their party packages is the party games which will get the kids hyped up. They are certainly going to enjoy playing games, and there are going to be prizes that await them! The party games last for approximately 20 to 30 minutes, giving you a lot of time to have fun. Party Empire’s games are surely going to get everyone in the party involved, so it makes things much more fun!

If you are looking for entertainment for your kids’ party yet you feel like you cannot afford it, do not fret. Party Empire has party packages which come in proper price rates, so you are surely going to have quality birthday party entertainment without spending above your budget.

Party Empire is your one-stop party plan provider which is ready to handle everything you need to make you kids’ birthday party wonderful. With great entertainment such as a magic show and party games, children are surely going to have a great time.

About Party Empire
Party Empire is specialized when it comes to providing quality entertainment for children’s party. They are the best when it comes to bringing fun to kids’ parties in Singapore. With their skilful magician Jasper Lee, everyone is surely going to be entertained, kids and adults alike. To know more about Party Empire, please visit their website:

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