Pelican Cases To Keep Your Electronic Gadgets Safe


Pelican cases are extremely durable and well-made. These protective cases can withstand severe blows and the elements and are dustproof, waterproof, and capable of maintaining expensive equipment nestled safely inside.

That explanation is a little tricky, especially considering that Pelican provides five case lines, each with a unique design and tough, plastic-like structure.

Pelican Storm Cases

The Pelican Storm Case line is made of our special HPX polypropylene blend. Its HPX material has the same crushproof solid wall design with such an open honeycomb cell core as the Protector Case series, keeping it lightweight. Push and Pull locks, which lock automatically and unlock simply with such a light touch, are one of the fundamental differences between the Storm Case series and the Protector series.

Moreover, the case is impervious to dirt, water, crushing, and more. The Pelican case has taken more than its good share of bumps and bruises, but it still holds up well. Many advantages of pelican cases may apply to your usage. For illustration, you might buy a case for your vehicle’s cargo.

In this instance, one should focus on the advantages of such a case’s endurance plus crushproof features that set it above its rivals.

Medium Weight

When selecting a Pelican case for sale, its mild weight is among the initial factors to consider. The respected manufacturer offers several weight ranges depending on the case and use.

In light of this, these loads are regarded as modest compared to certain other bags for luggage. Fortunately, the Pelican cases include a handle and smooth-rolling stainless steel bearings tires.


Your Pelican case will keep its luster even if you’re transporting it through the harsh wilderness on a trip or the dust-covered airport floor.

Every Pelican case is made with a dustproof covering to keep out any particles or dirt in your path. To ensure this feature, Pelican declined to take any short corners.


You may transport electrical gadgets like cameras, speakers, and microphones in your Pelican case. Hence, the case cannot allow any water to pass through it. Pelican’s waterproof design can shield your priceless possessions from whatever water contains. A built-in O-ring sealing on the case prevents liquids from entering.

After only about 30 minutes, they surface again, and when they open, there is no internal damage or moisture.


It may be alluring to use an excellent case because it will effectively protect your possessions. Pelican Cases, as well as other producers, do not, however, make only airtight bags and containers.

If such had been the case, trying to unzip luggage after it had been on a flight would have been particularly difficult. In light of this, Pelican cases are extremely useful without reducing airtightness.

Also, airtightness has the great benefit of lightness. Let us just say you have some gear in the Pelican Micro-Case and are going on a fishing excursion.

Even if the case is bouncy and airtight, you won’t be concerned if it inadvertently goes over.


Compared with other substances, this plastic form is cracking-resistant. Moreover, the materials are flexible and supple, contributing to the lightweight of Pelican containers.

Conversely, Pelican cases can withstand that strain because of their robust design. The cases have solid walls and an accessible core and are made of polymeric polyethylene.


You want to ensure your Pelican container is as safe as possible at a steep cost. However, the cases have stainless* locking covers that protect your lock safe.

The covers also feature a card slot where you can put a card containing your contact details and name. Whenever the case is eventually found, anyone can contact you to restore it.


The Pelican cases for sale will hold up if you hit, smash, or throw them. Its special forces cases are made with the utmost safeguard against the outside world.

The covers can endure exposure to heat, moisture, or dust. Because of this, you can entrust the above case with your most valuable possessions, such as camera systems and Music equipment.

Anyone Can Use This Case

All delicate medical instruments, research tools, particular methodologies, and powerful communications networks can be safely stored in storage boxes. A waterproof case’s reversible contents guarantee that any crucial gadget will remain fully functional.

Protecting cases can be used for almost anything when it is determined that you need the most thorough safeguarding for the item in question. Covering cases is much more common for specific uses and, consequently, for specific kinds of experts and amateurs.

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