PR in every industry: Brand Inc. exhibits its PR specializations in almost all industries


Singapore, Foch Road – Brand Inc., one of the leading PR agencies in Singapore, branches out its specialization in almost all industries. The company has been dedicated in producing and establishing publicity with different brands in the market from the food to healthcare industries.

With 9 industry specializations, Brand Inc. has now evolved into a PR agency for different conglomerates and businesses. Products and services are given a reputation which are maintained to be trendy on the list. The company, hence, can do food PR, restaurant PR, Healthcare PR, and even Hospitality PR. Their expertise have expanded to different kinds of products and services that consumers are engaged in.

The Brand Inc. has touched the everyday living of every consumer as they take care of public connection when it comes to product promotion and publicity. Advertising is just one factor from the strategies and techniques used by the company.

Here are some of the brief information about the specialization of Brand Inc. in different products and services from various industries:

Medical Healthcare Public Relations

In both Singapore and Malaysia, the medical healthcare industry is governed by strict advertising and promotional guidelines, which makes it perhaps the most challenging industry to conduct publicity services for. It is absolutely essential to know and understand these guidelines before taking up marketing or publicity campaigns for a medical, healthcare or pharmaceutical brand, service, supplement or device. This is where our dedicated and knowledgeable medical and healthcare public relations (PR) team steps in. With our wealth of healthcare public relations experience and research skills, we have proven time and time again that it is more than possible to achieve maximum publicity even within these restrictions, a statement our many clients in the medical industry can attest to.

Hospitality & Tourism PR

Tourism and Hospitality are major contributors to the region’s economic growth. With stiff competition, the need for quality, effective, and cost-efficient publicity in the hospitality industry has never been more imperative. Our public relations (PR) team’s thoughtful and accurate insights on what makes Singapore and Malaysia attractive tourism destinations, as well as our established relationships with the leading travel and hospitality media outlets in both countries have allowed our hospitality public relations team to maximise publicity and create consumer buzz about our clients.

Consumer Lifestyle PR

As a leading independent consumer public relations (PR) agency in Singapore and Malaysia, Brand Inc.’s methodological approach has won some of the largest brands and continued to generate outstanding results for the brands we manage. We are the creative minds behind one of China’s and Korea’s largest homeware brands, Coway and Supor, and wordsmith for luxury names like Centurion, Somogyi Crystal la vie, La maison Laure Sélignac and many more.

Event PR in Singapore and Malaysia

At Brand Inc., we offer public relations consultancy to all events organised by our clients. We take pride in paying attention to the most minute details of these events, from concepts, dates, seating arrangements, media and personality attendance, transport costs and booking, and the entertainment of guests and public personalities to ensure that every event under our care runs smoothly like a well-oiled mechanism, and to bring about the best possible experience for both guests and the media alike.

Brand Inc. has stepped up its PR game as their expertise has expanded to different and diverse industries. There are other PR specializations offered by the company such as Fashion Public Relations, Health and Beauty PR, Digital PR, so on and so forth.

About the company:

Originally a one-person operation with an astute eye for detail, and driven by a passion for concise, effective communications, Brand Inc. has evolved into one of the leading boutique consumer lifestyle public relations (PR) agencies and consultancies in Singapore and Malaysia that specialises in public relations areas such as medical healthcare, hospitality, food & beverage (F&B) restaurants, consumer tech, events and fashion. To find out more, visit:

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