The Practices of Architectural Firms


Architectural services offered by architecture firms Singapore no longer have a limited range. Builders are now expected not to come up with the same cookie cutter buildings like those in the past. People do want different details and even types of homes or buildings. All of today’s homeowners want to have unique homes. Architects should keep on encouraging potential customers and they should be able to keep their customers happy. This means more referrals for them and it translates to higher profit margins for the architectural firm they work in.

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The Old Architectural Practice

Architectural services used to be limited only to all things that the builder wanted. The builder would reach out to the architect and would build the structure or the building in accordance to some really basic desires. It if were a subdivision that they’re building, the homes would be cookie-cutter styles for them to save up on time and money.

People are not anymore happy and satisfied with this approach. They like to have a say on the design of the home’s exterior and interior. They do want to have more value for their money but at the same time they like to have some control over how the final product will look like.

Varied Services

There are varied services that architects offer today. They can practice in landscape architecture while someone else focuses on getting “green.” Green housing is often considered as a new trend which progressed from the innate desire to save up on energy and a lot of fossil fuels. Homes and buildings that are built are energy-efficient and they use recyclable materials as much as possible in their constructions. This helps in environmental preservation and it gives the homeowners the ability to feel like they are giving back towards the community. Architects tend to offer the buyer and the builder the chance to have a customized appearance of their building and home. They often meet with the potential owner and discuss with them what features are most important and which ones are not. The architect considers closely the personal style and the size requirements.

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