Pregnancy Crisis Service Delivers Service with a Heart


Pregnancy Crisis Service is a support service that delivers service with a heart, literally. It tries to minimize abortion in Singapore and promotes adoption and financial assistance instead. Although abortion clinics are licensed, it does not necessary mean that is the right thing to do.

Instead, consider options that are offered by Pregnancy Crisis Service. It has a network of experienced volunteers who have been in the industry for more than 25 years and a circle of support services that includes medical professionals, social service agencies, legal professionals, adoption agencies, shelter home and counselling services.

Its collaborations have saved the lives of many babies and expectant mothers. Abortion by way of abortion pill, abortion procedure or natural abortion may not really give a smooth experience. Even so if based on the pregnancy calculator the expectant mother is more than 24 weeks.

Numerous success stories are lined up by the Pregnancy Crisis Service. This includes successful adoption, intervention to abortion and assisting a single young mother to deliver her baby, successful sessions of counselling that ended with a young couple’s marriage and keeping the baby and the list goes on.

If the pregnancy test confirms pregnancy, instead of immediately deciding for abortion, expectant mothers should call the Pregnancy Crisis Service helpline. Those in despair may reap the following benefits:

 Anytime help as the centre provides services all year long, 24/7

 Privacy Assured

 Help in locating a shelter home

 Help in finding adoption agencies

 Help in arranging finances

 Aid in pregnancy test

 Gets the legal services and medical services sorted out

 Counseling for all those involved – the mother and her spouse, parents of the mother

 Help to break the news to parents in case of young mother’s pregnancy

 Planning with school in case of young mother’s unwanted pregnancy

Expectant mothers should remember that abortion in Singapore cannot be done for those who are more than 24 weeks. She also has to be a citizen or married to citizen of Singapore. For foreign abortion treatment seekers, there has to be a valid work pass of the expectant mother or her spouse with minimum 4 months stay in Singapore. Of course all these are subject to the condition of expectant mother.

Pregnancy Crisis Service welcomes volunteers who can be counsellors. Training to be a professional counsellor shall be provided. It also encourages donation to the centre in order to provide to those troubled by pregnancy crisis. And should you be supporting anyone with pregnancy crisis, Pregnancy Crisis Service urges you to lead the expectant mother to us. Pregnancy Crisis Service can be contacted through its website, helpline, email or Facebook.

About Pregnancy Crisis Service:

Pregnancy Crisis Service is a support service under Family Life Society of Singapore that serves 24/7 and 365 days to support those who face unwanted, suspected or unexpected pregnancy. With a team of experienced volunteers, it has helped many people since the past 25 years. For more information, visit .

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