Pregnancy Crisis Service (PCS) opens various help line services in assisting unwanted pregnancy crisis disputes


Pregnancy Crisis Service (PCS)is a support service under Family Life Society in Singapore addressing unwanted pregnancy issues and concerns, opens a wide variety of help line services that can help women handle the difficulty of facing unwanted pregnancy.

For over 25 years, the team behind the support organization has been dedicated to help those who seek their fair insights and unprejudiced opinions. PCS understands the anxiety of facing unwanted pregnancy is an overwhelming and full of dubious anticipations. The support group knows how the pool of emotions mix up making the whole situation more complicated and harder to comprehend. These emotions can cloud up someone’s ability to think rightly and decide under the right reasons.

The support group is ready to lend help in varied ways to keep the well-being of the person sandwich from the situation. They’ll give you assistance that will address the common problems you face not only when you’re sure about your pregnancy but also when you’re just starting to notice the early signs of pregnancy which are equally mind puzzling.

The help lines of Pregnancy Crisis Service support group are open 24/7. Volunteers and social workers are there to answer the telephone lines to talk to you and guide you in making decisions especially when you want to keep the baby but is hindered by the circumstances that you’re in.

Pregnancy Crisis Service has a wide variety of help lines such as Counselling services, Free Pregnancy test, Collaboration with medical professionals, Parental intervention, Basic financial planning and referral for financial assistance, Pre-marital Counselling, Collaboration with schools, Collaboration with Shelter homes, Collaboration with adoption agencies, Collaboration with legal advisers, and Collaboration with other counselling agencies. These are the most common problems caused by unwanted pregnancy.

The company also advocates the value of life developing in the wombs of the expectant mothers that there other options in the case that the born baby will not be reared by his/her biological parents. Termination of pregnancy is kept as the least primary solution in dealing with unwanted pregnancy.

The services and phone lines are not only open for those who are sure about their pregnancy. Women who suspect conception and experience pregnancy symptoms are also given time and medical attention to assist them in confirming their true condition. Pregnancy test and ultrasound scan will be the initial steps done for the woman to know her current condition as well as the means in which she can appropriately handle and address the unplanned pregnancy.

About Pregnancy Crisis Service (PCS):
Pregnancy Crisis Service (PCS)is a support service under Family Life Society, which is a 24/7, 365 days helpline that supports anyone who may be facing an unwanted, suspected or unexpected pregnancy. PCS provides assistance to expectant mothers through various services. They provide services even to the most personal extent which are seen in their website page called “We are here for you”. To find out more, visit:

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