Prenatal Massage is Now Promoted


Prenatal massage is now being encouraged even in United States and Europe.  A renowned massage therapy based in Singapore has announced that it has observed many people in the said regions being convinced of the benefits that prenatal massage provides to expectant mothers. Salwa Salim, the founder of Mummy Massage, admits that her clients are no longer just the locals in Singapore.  There have been clients coming from abroad who have shown interest in the service her massage therapy center provides.  Salim considers this as a phenomenon that would help better maternal healthcare in general.

The practice of prenatal massage and postnatal massage is considered to be normal in many countries in Asia but not encouraged much in other parts of the world.  In western countries, such as the US and those in Europe, medical practitioners rarely prescribe this to their pregnant patients.  However, as Salim pointed out, the age-old practice of massage for pregnant mothers have proven that there are many benefits that could be derived.  She emphasized that it is these proofs that have made the practice generally accepted by the Asian countries.  The health benefits that it contains has prompted an increasing number of medical professionals in the west to consider it as generally healthy.

Salim said promoting prenatal massage has never been easier these days.  This is primarily because of the proven benefits that it provides.  Pregnant mothers generally experience pain and aches.  This is because their bodies are feeling the strain of the extra weight they are carrying.  Aside from this, they may no longer be able to lie on the bed or sit on a chair or couch in the usual relaxed manner.  This is the reason why they may need to have a massage on a regular basis.  The massage would help in alleviating from the pain and the discomfort experienced while they are still pregnant.

Even as prenatal massage is already being encouraged, there is a need for the pregnant mother to make sure that her therapist is an expert. Salim said that there is a huge difference between a simple massage and massage to be provided to pregnant women. A massage therapist who is an expert at providing the service to pregnant women knows which spots of the body should be dealt with and which spots should be avoided.  A massage therapy center like Mummy Massage can guarantee the right method for women in such special circumstances.  All therapists in the said center are proven experts in particular field of massage therapy.

About Mummy Massage:

Mummy Massage is known as the leader maternal massage therapy in Singapore.  Founded and managed by Salwa Salim, the center specializes in prenatal massage, postnatal massage, slimming massage, miscarriage massage, and fertility massage.  While its main facility is based in Singapore, it has also catered foreign nationals primarily because of its reputation as a very good maternal healthcare provider, particularly in massage therapy. Salim, herself has had extensive experience in wellness service. To learn more about the company, visit its website

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