Promotional Products Prove Effective in Brand Recall| Graphic Direction Brings in Better Production and Item Lineup


To help support businesses, Graphic Direction has improved its production time and item lineup helping create brand awareness for businesses across industries.

Promotional products have been used in advertising campaigns of companies throughout the years. However, as standards or traditional forms of marketing have been struggling against more innovative methods like digital technology, there have been concerns whether physical components still have as much effect.

In a study from PPAI, around seven in 10 customers remember at least one promotional item given to them in the past year. The result is consistent with previous studies supporting the impact and recall potential of such items. From the respondents who remembered receiving the products, around 70% claimed they received two or more products after.

Among the findings, one of the most important is the rate of recall about the message and advertiser. PPAI noted that recall potential is extremely high. According to the stats, around 88% of consumers who received business gifts recalled the company or brand within the year whereas 71% recalled the brand or advertiser via other media such as magazines or newspapers. This supports the power of giving away items in light of branding.

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More importantly, the study also narrowed down the categories of items with the highest recall potential:

  • Wearables (41%): Including Shirts (22%), Caps/Headwear (11%), Outerwear(6%)
  • Other Wearables (2%)
  • Writing Instruments (35%)
  • Drinkware (19%)

However, it is also important for companies to consider time of exposure and other distractions.

Graphic Direction has been providing promotional printing and production services since 1993. The company offers a comprehensive list of products catering to a diverse set of businesses. Categories include daily use components, drink ware, eco friendly products, electronic & gadgets, key holders, leather products, metal pens, multi function pens, namecard holder, plastic pens, promotional bags, stationery, travel gifts and USB computer accessories.

Working with both SME and MNC allows the company to provide fast turnaround times. Graphic Direction has its local production machines guaranteeing manufacturing durations in the shortest time possible. Transport and delivery of promotional items ranging from 100 to 1000 pieces is done within 7 days. For companies that require additional quantities and specifications, Graphic Direction customizes its production and pricing standards to suit client needs.

Delivery time, configurations and prices vary depending on the confirmed requirements, time and terms. Pricing and manufacturing terms are based on location and market conditions. At Graphic Direction, companies can find the right of business gifts to promote brand awareness and encourage more patrons.

About Graphic Direction:
Graphic Direction Pte Ltd is a leading corporate gifts supplier in Singapore since 1983. The company specializes in a range of printing applications such as T-Shirts printing, Polo Tees Printing, Corporate Gifts Printing, Non-Woven Bags Printing and Promotional Bags Printing. From door gifts in Singapore to other unique items, the company has one of the largest corporate gifts stock lists in the region. For more information, see:

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