Property Investment 88 offers free property investment seminar for investors and businessmen alike


Dealing with property investment can be a tricky kind of endeavor in the world of business but on the other hand, it is one of the safest business one can invest on especially when there’s a lot to get a hang of. Property Investment 88 can deal with the most common problems a neophyte normally goes through. Property investment can provide huge amount of profit returns given with the right knowledge and its proper application.

The elements in the particular business can make or break the whole endeavor. Hence, it is important to invest not only on the property itself but also in gaining the right knowledge and proper experience to ensure a good fighting chance of success.

We believe that educating our investors on property news, update, rules and policy changes is very important in order to make the right investment decision.” Property Investment 88 has evolved from just a dwelling or work place to profitable investment tools. It has seen that the potential of imparting the right knowledge can also drastically help investors in making wise decisions when it comes to the business.

The company has conducted several useful seminars to help investors in their decision making. The topics discussed in those seminars include: ‘How Good And Affordable Invest In Manchester’, ‘Cambodia market research and property outlook’, ‘Why invest in The Peak’, ‘London Property Market Outlook And Invest In Best Property Selling Below Value’ (1st And 2nd Of May 2015), ‘How To Enjoy Over 10% Rental Yield On Commercial Property’, and other topics relevant to the place and time in property investments.

Credible and well-known speakers are also invited to give talks about the above mentioned topics. One notable speaker is the Celebrity investor Zheng Ge Ping who shared his insights on property investment particularly at The Peak Cambodia Official Launch in Shangri-La Singapore.

Aside from the free seminars, investors can carefully check on different new condo launch and property launches which is a good head start after familiarizing with the basics of the business. They will also be able to sift through profitable and strategic properties that are in line with their business pathways and vision.

Property Investment 88 is not only limited in Singapore but has also expanded its network across the globe especially in countries such as London, Manchester, Cambodia/Phnom Penh, Australia/Melbourne, and Philippines/Manila.

Interested investors and clients can subscribe to the company for regular notifications through email regarding the upcoming property events and seminar.

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