Public Speaking Academy builds learners’ confidence and helps them overcome stage frights



When one is not used to speaking in front of a crowd, having stage fright is one of the worst things that can happen at that moment. It usually results in the speaker being tongue-tied as they forget what they are supposed to present, and have to embarrassingly leave the stage for being unable to proceed with their speech. It does not have to be that difficult, for humans are born to speak. Communication should be a natural part of our lives and there is nothing that should stop us from being ourselves.

Public Speaking Academy, like its name, is one of the communication training fronts that aims to provide quality education on effective communication in English. Apart from having students and working professionals under their services, they have also worked with over 20 corporate and non-profit organisations in providing paid and charity coaching in improving their staffs’ effective communication skills. Their board of faculty members are not only experienced trainers, but are also well-known winners of speaking and debating competitions.

Public Speaking Academy offers a basic orator module that teaches the participants of the course on different aspects that makes up a good speech. This includes the speakers’ body language, pronunciation, thinking skills, presentation skills, emceeing, and writing speeches to inform and to persuade. By having these basics in hand, learners can understand their strengths and weaknesses in speaking and polish it throughout the course before proceeding to standing on stage and making their speeches.

Apart from training learners on public speaking skills, Public Speaking Academy also widens their students’ horizon on current issues and various types of knowledge. This allows their students to have a great understanding of a subject when given as a topic of speech and are able to discuss it in depth instead of just scratching on the surface of the issue. When they are going through debates or discussions in real life situations, their knowledge are readily available to support their statements.

Public Speaking Academy also offers customizable learning modules and timetables to fit into working professionals’ busy work schedule. There are ad-hoc and holiday programmes as well as regular group training. 1-to-1 premium trainings are also available too. By following their models of success, which is demonstration, transformation and inculcation, they are dedicated to delivering their philosophy of effective learning to all. Working hand-in-hand with education institutions, they are determined to transform the public speaking culture into a more common and vibrant phenomena in the Singaporean society.


Public Speaking Academy is a corporation that specializes in personal and professional language trainings. They aspire to provide a conducive learning environment that would help their students gain confidence in speaking before a group and to be proficient in tackling impromptu speeches. Lead by professional trainers that are experienced competitors in various public speaking and debate events, they are able to cater to all types of learners from primary school children up to the professional working adults. Check out for more details.

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