The Public Speaking Academy making its way to being the best in Singapore



The Public Speaking Academy, with the tagline ‘Express to Impress’ aims to transform the public speaking culture in Singapore. The art of public speaking is being embraced by all sectors since communication is the only way to move forward.

Without proper communication, a company or an institution will not be able to prosper. The growing demand to be adept at public speaking has prompted The Public Speaking Academy to develop the best talents by enhancing their abilities to express and impress.

They provide leading programmes in public speaking, debates, interviews, social communication and oral presentations for National Examinations. The Public Speaking Academy is more student-oriented in that they cultivate the two-way feedback system whereby students tell the teachers what they want to learn instead of teachers guessing what they want to learn. This flexibility is hoped to suit the pace, needs, and developments of their clients.

Another of their plus point is that they do not stop at training sessions. They provide follow-up services to their clients to know about their developments once the training sessions are over.

The vision of The Public Speaking Academy is ‘To be a premium hub for communication success in the region’ while their mission is ‘Accentuating the confidence of individuals to express & impress& transforming the public speaking culture into a vibrant one’.

Their vision and mission are made achievable through their care in choosing their trainers. Their professional trainers are competent and competitive individuals in the Public Speaking/ Debating Circuit. Most of them have won numerous awards at speech championships and debates.

The customization of their training programmes and modules are done in four systematic phases namely, Phase 1 which is discovering the Model of SUCCESS, Phase 2 which is understanding the Model of SUCCESS, Phase 3 which is acquiring the Model of SUCCESS, and finally, Phase 4 which is mastering the Model of SUCCESS.

The Model of SUCCESS consists of three aspects which are Demonstration, Transformation, and Inculcation. These three aspects are the mantra of The Public Speaking Academy to promote effective learning.

Demonstration consists of multitude of training examples and improvements administered at the interactive stage, while Transformation is the amalgamation of the acquired knowledge followed by a process of fine-tuning with the trainers, and Inculcation involves the presentation of essential knowledge and is imbibed in a customized fashion. These three elements are the essence to cultivate a successful public speaking individual.

The main aims and objectives of The Public Speaking Academy are to train students to be proficient in using non-verbal communication skills effectively and to provide a conducive learning environment for students to build up and enhance their self-confidence when addressing a group.

These aims and objectives are expected to materialize with the systematic approach of The Public Speaking Academy towards public speaking.

About The Public Speaking Academy:

Founded in 2009, the Public Speaking Academy has seen over 5 years of outstanding performances both locally and abroad. The Public Speaking Academy has consistently provided quality education on effective communication and the English language to help students and working professionals excel in their respective fields.

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