Public Speaking Academy offers courses and programmes to improve communication and public speaking skills


The Public Speaking Academy, a corporate entity and a fast growing local and regional influence in the personal and professional training domain, offers ranked and classified courses and programmes in Singapore to improve communication and public speaking skills.

The educational institution that’s registered with the ministry of Education under MOE Reg no. 3910 has opened avenues for those who seek self-development particularly in the field communications and public speaking. In the courses and programmes offered, the students and participants are sorted into groups according to their age and/or educational background. Students from primary level, secondary level and tertiary level are separated from the working groups. Each groups have different modules that will target the specific skills they need to improve on.

In order for the public to get a grasp of what the modules have in store for the participants, they’ve provided a brief description with each of the modules for each of the groups in the academy. These are as follows:

Basic Orator Module(2 months/ 8 sessions)

  • Non-verbal communication techniques (Body language, stage positioning, vocal variety, gestures, facial expressions, posture).
  • Speech craft (Persuasive, informative and special occasions speech genres).
  • Interview skills.
  • PowerPoint presentations.
  • Pronunciation and Enunciation.
  • Tell a story and make a point.
  • Use of humour.

Intermediate Orator Module(3 months/ 12 sessions)

  • Advanced body language cues (Power poses, congruency, reading of context, cultural paradigms).
  • Speech craft (Inspirational, special occasions speech genres).
  • Enhanced Interview skills.
  • Oral examination(s).
  • Enhanced PowerPoint Presentations.

Advanced Orator Module(4 months/ 16 sessions)

  • Impromptu, Humorous and Evaluation Speech speaking techniques.
  • Conducting a seminar.
  • Dealing with opposition and Q&As.
  • Competition Preparatory work.
  • Research Assignment.

Master Orator Module(4 months/ 16 sessions)

  • Training guidelines.
  • Trainers’ ethics and management of a class.
  • Effective communication theories and philosophy.
  • Congruency, Context and Consistency.
  • Speech analysis.
  • Competition Preparatory work.
  • Research Assignment.
  • Teaching Practicum.

They also offer certification examination at the end of every module where they provide an option for the students to take an exam which will determine the competence of their communication skills. It is said that the exam will have two parts consisting of theories and practical application.

With the courses, programmes, and modules offered by the academy, students are expected to have gained the proper knowledge and more importantly the skill in communicating with others. It will give them an advantage in life especially in their academic and career endeavours. The institution’s commitment to produce more people who possess competent communicators have moulded it into providers of leading programmes in public speaking, debates, interviews, social communication and oral presentations for National Examinations.

About Public Speaking Academy
The Public Speaking Academy, a corporate entity, is a fast growing local and regional influence in the personal and professional training domain. Focused on accentuating the aggregate confidence of individuals to express and impress, the Public Speaking Academy is honoured to receive the strong support of Education Institutions as we begin efforts in transforming the public speaking culture into a more vibrant one. To find out more, visit:

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