Public Speaking Academy is a training center in Singapore that goes beyond just teaching the clients – both from academic and corporate world, to develop their communication skills but more importantly is to help them upgrade these proficiencies into a more competitive level, surpassing their initial expectations and discovering their great potentials as public speakers. All this efforts anchored in the vision of transforming the public speaking culture of the country.

Through its customized training programs that were based on the clients’ need, it is of assurance that the training which includes linguistic mastery and enrichment courses will be more effective. As the sets of modules tailored by the brilliant people behind the institution, will address the most difficult factors encountered by the trainees on their past speaking experiences by means of applying practical techniques to aid in fixing those problems. The Public Speaking Academy endeavors into helping its clients realize how to carry out its tagline ‘express to impress’ by accentuating their confidence. The trainings are pertinent across multiple communication domains which include public speaking, debating, inter-personal skills, interviews and national examinations.

In the system of training, the candidates are grouped according to their age or background, either primary, secondary or tertiary student or working adults and professionals. They are directed as to what course of training to take depending on their age and background.

On the initial phase of the training, the candidates are subjected to the basic orator module that comes about for two months for the eight sessions. The trainings incorporated in this scheme or module includes the non-verbal communication techniques with lessons on body language, stage positioning, vocal variety, gestures, facial expressions and posture. Likewise, the crafting of speeches is also given importance which takes account of making persuasive, informative and special occasion’s speech genre. The candidates are also refined in the skills needed for interviews and for PowerPoint presentation, along with the development of their pronunciation and enunciation and skills in telling a story and making a point, and of course of using humor. These are among the several things being well-taken care of in this training center.

The Intermediate Orator Module is comprised of 12 sessions, to be covered in three months of training. Among the things that will be developed in this phase are the advanced body language cues, on power poses, congruency, reading of context and cultural paradigms. The lessons on crafting speech will be continued but is upgraded into making of inspiration, special occasion’s speech genres. The lessons on the basic module are preferably enhanced like the enhancement of interview skills, of oral examinations and PowerPoint presentations.

There is also a course on Advanced Orator Module which outlines 16 sessions in four months of training. The exercises involved herein are speaking techniques on humorous, impromptu and evaluation speech. Candidates will also be taught on how to conduct a seminar. At the same time, they will be exposed to the hardship of debate by teaching them how to deal with opposition and question and answer stuff. There will also be a lesson on competition preparatory work and research assignment.

The final phase is the Master Orator Module with 16 sessions to be covered in four months. It includes training guidelines; trainer’s ethics and management of a class; effective communication theories and philosophy, congruency, context and consistency; speech analysis; competition preparatory work; research assignment and teaching practicum.

Candidates can opt to take the Certification examination at the end of each module. This is an assessment on their level of effective communication competency.

Public Speaking Academy is dedicated in providing the best effective communication education to their clients as they together aspire to realize their social and academic deeds in changing the public speaking culture in Singapore for the better.

The Public Speaking Academy is a fast growing local and regional influence in the personal professional training domain. Focused on accentuating the aggregate confidence of individuals to express and impress, the Public Speaking Academy is honored to receive the strong support of education institutions as they begin efforts in transforming the public speaking culture into a more vibrant one. For more information, visit:

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