Public Speaking Academy’s young trainers aspires to change the landscape of public speaking in Singapore


speech-1020355_640The era of just reading and learning from books is over. To be vocal and to be able to present in front of a crowd has emerged to be one of the most important skills in the working field. It is often heard that graduates nowadays are not vocal or brave enough to speak up and voice out their thoughts, resulting in a breakdown of communication between employers and employees and between people from different generations. Being able to speak with good content and appropriate manners is the skill that one should be honing from their schooling times.

Public Speaking Academy is a corporation that offers personal and professional language training to students and also working professionals. Lead by a group of young teachers that came from various public speaking and debating backgrounds, they intend to make the learning of this art of speech a truly fun and engaging one. Helping their students to gain confidence in expressing themselves is their ultimate goal, whilst imparting various techniques to enhance the quality of the whole communication experience.

Public speaking and impromptu public speaking has gained its popularity in the education viewpoint for being able to offer a holistic learning approach for the students in terms of writing, speaking, and reading. Apart from that, public speaking also promotes critical thinking where one has to build their arguments and support it with reliable factual evidence while structuring it in a compelling way to persuade the audiences in taking on the same stand as the speaker. While doing so, students are able to gain confidence and overcome their stage frights, paving their way to becoming good speakers that are effective in communication at the workplace when they graduate.

The public speaking courses that are offered at Public Speaking Academy Singapore caters to primary, secondary, tertiary, and professional levels of learners. Their learning modules cover a wide range of topics from body language, pronunciation, enunciation, use of literary devices, different genres of speech, interview and presentation skills, emceeing skills, and also impromptu speech techniques. Certificates are also provided shall the learners pass their orator module examinations to mark their journey of proficiency in speaking.

The trainers at Public Speaking Academy believes that their model of success: demonstration, transformation and inculcation is the key in helping their students achieve mastery in this art of speech. They would prove that public speaking is important in our daily communication as it facilitates understanding between two individuals when the right language is spoken. Not only should their students be good orators, they should also be independent thinkers and learners once they completed their trainings from the public speaking workshops.


Public Speaking Academy is an institution that offers public speaking courses and English language enrichment courses for students and also working adults. Having experienced trainers with a strong portfolio of participation in various public speaking and debating competitions, they are sure to understand the needs of different individuals in achieving fluency in their speech. For more information on their learning modules, rates, and class times, please visit .

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