QREKAconcocted TIPTM as the core of its learning program


QREKA, a tuition centre in Singapore for mathematics, devised the TIP teaching methodology in helping students discover learning, build and stimulate learning interests, enjoy the process of grasping concepts and consequently excel in the subject.

The private educational institution aims to improve math performance among its students as it helps them solve problems and understand math concepts using techniques and their originally devised method for easy and comprehensible mode of instructions.

Its concocted pedagogy, TIP, stands for Trace, Investigate, and Practice. Unlike the traditional mode of instruction where a lesson is discussed in class with theories and some examples, QREKA TIP thrives to make learning math more interesting at the same time not so complicated to take on.

Its first step, which is Trace, begins the learning process by exposing the students to new concepts through relevant learning activities guaranteed to be fun and innovative. Trace, by the meaning of the word itself, makes the students get a glimpse of math concepts with simple cases which are easy to understand and can be related with own personal experiences. This stage also provides, “activities will make the students put on their thinking caps which will in turn help them to understand the abstract concepts better.” As explained by the company.

The students then move forward to the next stage which is Investigate. This step takes the students in a profounder level where they associate, compare, contrast, concentrate, observe and recollect etc.the concepts they’ve encountered in the first phase.

As the students get an in-depth understanding of the concepts through the learning domains done in the second phase. They are now ready to ‘Practice’ and apply the concepts with exercises and tests. These are sorted into three levels – basic, intermediate, challenging. Qreka basically explained these levels as a ladder towards mastery. Basic level is where students are exposed to basic but fundamental questions to build up their foundation. Intermediate level is said to form the core learning component. Students are expected to have a thorough understanding of the relation between topics at this level. That is why they are given exam-based questions that will test their skills and understanding of the concepts. Moreover, to improve their critical thinking skill, students are asked to explore on the probable extension of the problem scope and have a discussion to find possible solutions with their identified problem extensions. The ‘Practice’ level challenges the students on their skill, propensity and passion in mathematics as harder conceptual questions are provided.

Through TIP, Qrekaexpands effective ways to allow students to absorb, learn and review more effectively. Math tuition in Singapore, by the use of TIP pedagogy, is addressed in a way where complex mathematical concepts are simplified and discussed piece by piece without losing the rigor of the subject.

About Qreka:
The Qreka School is a Math Tuition Centre in Singapore that they specialize in Secondary and JC Mathematics. They offer classes such as h2 math tuition, JC math tuition, and IP math tuition. The company aims to make learning more accessible to students and inculcate in them a habit for effective and independent learning. They value having fun while learning while upholding the rigour of the subject. To find out more, visit: http://theqrekaschool.com/

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