Quality Technological Education at IN3LABS


As Singapore continues to maintain its lead in Southeast Asian economy, the demand for more technological experts has become even more important. IN3LABS is one of the very few training centers that is up to the challenge. It offers quality technological education for the youth in ways that the students would find fun and interesting. Now, the training center is considered as the leader in its field. It remains as the favourite of parents who wish to provide education for their kids in the field of technology. As a result, it has seen a rise in its enrollment in the recent school years.

It is in robotics that the school has been able to carve a name in the field of technology. Its most distinct feature is that it boasts of starting the training while the students are still very young. Even while the kids are in kindergarten, they are already introduced to the world of robotics. With its ROBOLABS Enrichment Program and ROBOLABS Holiday Workshop, it is expected that kindergarten kids already appreciate what technology could provide them with. The said kind of education is further enhanced the moment they enter primary school. It is in primary school that the students can have more of ROBOLABS courses.  They can also take courses in coding and applications.

Secondary school offers even more amazing learning experiences for the students. It is at this level that they would actually get the chance of developing their own codes or computer programs and applications. After a series of preparation in the earlier years, it is also at this stage that they are expected to actually design robots. With the program or training system that IN3LABS is adopting, it is guaranteed that the graduates of the school become very successful in their collegiate years. Majority of those who have finished primary and secondary education at the said school have enrolled and succeeded in the technological universities in Singapore and elsewhere.

A very satisfied parent has expressed appreciation of the training that the school provides to its students. According to him, he does not regret making the decision of letting his daughter study here. He said that the school has some of the most competent teachers he has ever met.  The training staff as well as the administrative staff are considered as experts in their respective fields. They are all committed to providing quality education for the students. Even the students point out that they cannot imagine being enrolled in another school if what they ask for is technological education.


IN3LABS is known as the leading education center in Singapore in the field of technology. It focuses on primary and secondary education, giving utmost importance to STEM or science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. As proof of its quality education, it has been consistently receiving awards, especially in robotics. The awards come from local and international organizations and award-giving bodies. With its motto “Integrate, Innovate, Inspire”, the school aims to further increase the number of technologically-skilled individuals in Singapore through its training programs. More information can be seen at http://www.in3labs.com.

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