Rayguard Access Control challenges business to think out of the box


Rayguard Access Control, with its cutting edge technology is giving businesses a run that is worth exploring. It has brought in UK technology which has stood the test of time.

The network access control is a system that is very straight forward and easy to use. It is always kept updated via enhancements or software updates. It also supports government’s aim to generate more green buildings. A point to note here, the products offered by Rayguard Access Control are certified as green products by the Singapore Green Building Council due to its reduction of wastage upon the 5 years warranty implementation and due to less wiring.

Cost wise, the Paxton products have helped overall reduction of costs mainly because lesser cables are used. Instead, the network access control rides on Wireless Technology. Ease of identifying matching colour coding on Access Control Unit and reader cables saves labor time and ultimately the labour cost. The systems also have sleep mode & low power mode on Access Control Unit, therefore less energy is used here. No per seat license cost is to be incurred as the software mode for the solutions are one-time payment and single platform for any number of access control units.

Rayguard Access Control not only provides cost saving and reliable network access control solutions to the people of Singapore but also gives away a grand 5 years warranty. The main reason that motivated Paxton to provide Rayguard Access Control the 5 years warranty is pure humanity and some math. The sales trend of Paxton apparently had a continuous improvement and Paxton had been giving warranty even after the expiry term. Hence, a formal action took place to formalize 5 years warranty.

All the above benefits along with the prominent features of the solutions should challenge businesses to think out of the box. That would be something like, take the bulls by the horns to initiate a cost reduction exercise for nationwide or worldwide business in the area of security. Yonder years it would have been impossible due to geographical differences. But now it is totally doable with the single platform software that allows you to choose from Net2 Pro and Net2 Lite and single control device such as PC, the controller on the door, hand phones and iPhones. Even the network access control and integrated software capabilities are meant to make customers think what the required security is for their business in order to maximize security and optimize business.

So many organizations have already benefitted from the network access control, be it here in Singapore or in the UK. It’s time to raise the awareness a notch higher to experience a heightened sense of security – smart security with cost savings.

About Rayguard Access Control:

Rayguard Access Control Pte Ltd is a leading network access control and CCTV distributor with ‘Certified Green Products’. It partners with UK’s number 1 leading manufacturer, Paxton for the Door Access Control System. Rayguard Access Control Pte Ltd provides a range of network access control solutions including software, software integration, free demo and training. For more information, visit http://rayguard.com.sg.

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