Reasons the Optem FUSION Micro-Imaging System is Important


The Optem FUSION Micro-Imaging System is a micro imaging system known for its extreme imaging versatility. Its modular design and infinite optics combine for inspection, machine vision, monitoring, and non-contact metrology applications. The system is highly flexible, meaning that a person can try numerous combinations and a switch of parts to get exactly what they want. The micro-imaging system is not only popular but essential. It is preferred to other micro-imaging systems in its bracket. Here are some of the reasons that the micro-imaging system is essential.

User Configurable Lens System

One of the main reasons a person wants to get the Optem Fusion micro-imaging system is the user-configurable lens system. Having a say on how the lens performs is vital, and this system can easily modify the form. The different forms help in giving different functions and performance levels for the system.

Configure Fixed Magnification Lens Quickly and Easily

Having different micro-imaging systems to get different results can be pretty costly. The Optem Fusion is economical in that a person can configure fixed magnification lenses quickly and easily. The system enhances simplicity, space efficiency and has various configurations.

Simple Module Interchange for Zoom Imaging

The system also has a simple module of interchange for zoom imaging. This allows the user to have different imaging that helps to change and improve the resolution for different needs. The different lenses that can be used include the following:

  • Fixed-Magnification lens
  • 7:1 Zoom Lens
  • 5:1 Zoom Lens for extended range

Interchangeable Camera Tubes

The Optem Fusion also allows for interchangeable camera tubes. The changing of the camera tubes can be done to modify magnification to the camera and optimize sensor coverage and chip performances. The system has a wide range of uses and many camera tubes that a person can quickly change and fix.

Interchangeable lower lenses

Not only the camera tubes can be changed in this system. The user can also interchange the lower lenses. The lower lenses being interchanged serve a wide range of functions like modifying magnification and resolution. Interchanging the lower lenses can also change the varying fields of view and working distance.

Expanded Functionality with Lower Modules

The lower modules of the Optem Fusion micro-imaging system can provide a 15mm fine focus mode. This can also be changed to a coaxial illumination which always proves handy. If need be, the user can use a combination of both to get the desired image. This is a functionality that can be found anywhere. Anyone looking for this feature should go ahead and find a distributor to get the system from.

State-of-the-Art Integrated Illumination

This system was created to provide the best-integrated illumination possible. One of the parts that allow that is the 40-count LED ring light. There is also a 3W coaxial illuminator and a dimmable LED controller.

The Optem Fusion Micro-Imaging System was designed with the aim of perfection. The above is only a few of the many functionality and flexibility options that a user can have. Depending on what a person is looking to achieve, the system can be modified and compatible. The piece is an integral part of the micro-imaging system world. The innovation is opening a new door in the micro-imaging world.

Wide Range of Uses

One of the main features of the Optem Fusion Micro-Imaging System is that it has a wide range of uses. The changing of lenses can work to benefit different users who have different needs. The customizability of the system makes the system affordable. Instead of buying different imaging systems, one can change parts of the system to get the desired imaging they want. The system simplifies work for the user and it is a significant piece of investment. People shouldn’t hesitate to get this system installed.

Available for Purchase

The Optem Fusion Micro-Imaging System is available for purchase and shipping. With the several functions and performance capabilities it can provide, the system is a no brainer. The micro imaging sector is improving and this particular system is a guarantee that it will last the owner many years. It is also convenient and easy to use. Interchanging parts can easily be done.

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