The Qreka School is a Math Tuition Centre in Singapore which specializes in Secondary and Junior College Mathematics. It is aimed at making the learning more accessible to students and also aimed at inculcating to them a habit of effective and independent learning. This is done by means of producing relevant and authentic contents applicable to real life without compromising the discipline and rigour of the respective subject.

This learning centre is just one among the many institutions that are operating in Singapore, but what makes Qreka stick out among the rest? This is the Qreka School’s dedication to be the best in the field and more importantly it takes pride in its student-oriented program, which is anchored to equipping quality service to help the students improve and excel in their studies.

In light of its student-oriented program, the centre offers a weekly regular lesson where every student of The Qreka School will get to take advantage from the several benefits given by the centre such as the welcome pack which can be availed upon registration. With this, each student will receive a welcome pack which comprises a student’s handbook, summary booklet for Junior College and a bookmark. Every Qreka student will also be given the opportunity to take part in online consultation to clear their academic doubts.

To boot, they will also receive all learning materials which are written according to the TIPSTM learning approach. It is highly effective for students to adopt enquiry based learning as well as to aid them in the understanding of concepts.

The periodic quizzes and pre-exam assessment will be given to students every after engagement to new topics. This is for the purpose of gauging their understanding of the content. Also, they will take up pre-exam assessment (PEA) to assess their examination readiness before a major school assessment.

The factors among the equation to providing the best for their students include the integration of experienced, qualified and dedicated tutors. These traits are imperative in their imparting of knowledge and insight in a comprehensive and structured manner through a quick and accurate means. This is done as they assess the weaknesses of students and thereby helps them overcome these hardships more by adjusting teaching methods to cater to the students’ abilities and needs, through scaffolding for weaker students or acceleration for better students.

Moreover, the Qreka School also operates in a small class size which allows for a deeper and more meaningful interaction between students and tutor. The maximum class size is six thus allowing for a more focused training on students compared to a packed class which radically divides the focus of a teacher to cater to each student. A small class size enables the creation of more conducive environment for exchanging of ideas by inquiry of both sides. A teacher is also able to assess the student’s performance more clearly through this setting.

Likewise, the Qreka School provides timely feedback and collaboration with parents of the students as they aspire to engage partners in a partnership to help the students maximize their academic potential. In accordance to this, a report about the child’s performance will be given to parents on a regular basis which includes their performances on a quiz or pre-exam assessment on top the comments on the student’s aptitude and attitude and suggestions for improvement via a progress report.

There are many reasons why Qreka School should be put on top of the list for those looking for a Math Centre. And once they are there, they can surely prove it by themselves. For more information:

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