Consolidated, a leading independent distributor of industrial cleaning and maintenance machines, accessories and chemicals that offers cleaning equipment and machineries that are internationally recognized is also providing for its unique PIC Scheme for Cleaning Machines.

With the PIC Scheme, customers can receive cash bonuses, cash payouts and tax deductions for spending on cleaning machines and equipment that improve the productivity of their businesses.

Basically, the PIC scheme supports investments in six productivity improvement activities. One of them is Cleaning. From YA 2011 to YA 2018, businesses can enjoy huge tax savings in the form of a Cash Payout of 60% and/or Tax Deduction of 400%. From YA 2013 to YA 2015, businesses can also receive PIC Bonus of up to $15,000

PIC provides for a list of eligible cleaning equipment that could be used to claim PIC. These are the air blower, burnisher, carpet shampoo machine, vacuum cleaner, escalator cleaner, glass cleaning system, high pressure jet machine, sweeper machine, ride-on scrubber machine, ride-on sweeper machine, road sweeper, steam cleaner, suction road sweeper and its walk-behind autoscrubber machine.

These machines are being distributed and the Consolidated are keeping ready of their parts in its own warehouse. For those who are interested to avail of the products, they are encouraged to contact the company any time and one of their salespersons will be glad to provide them with the needed information regarding the cleaning machines and likewise help them through the accomplishing of other needs for other products.

Aside from these machines, Consolidated is also known for providing professional and industrial cleaning chemicals and machines. In fact, it has established partnership with many famous brands such as Lavor Pro, Klindex Floor Treatment Specialist, 3M, Stolzenberg and Filmop.

As with the manufacturing and distribution, Consolidated manufactures the cleaning chemicals locally in Singapore. They also distribute a range of cleaning machines, equipment and accessories. These are products with establish brands that meet international standards because the company holds in providing proven and effective products that have an international presence in the cleaning industry.As of the present times, the products of Consolidated can be seen all over shopping centers, hotels, schools, workplaces, industrial estates and other various places. From the convenient and efficient ride-on auto scrubbers to the user-friendly janitorial trolleys and effective chemicals, Consolidated offers customers a comprehensive range of cleaning machines, accessories, and chemicals.

Aside from being a distributor of cleaning chemicals and machines, Consolidated likewise offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of cleaning chemicals, machines, janitorial supplies and accessories. It is for the company’s belief that the cleanliness of living and work spaces is most important to the health and well being of both employees and customers. Cleanliness will also help to build businesses in the long run.

Consolidated is a leading independent distributor of industrial cleaning and maintenance machines, accessories and chemicals established in 1987. The cleaning equipment and machinery Consolidated provides are internationally recognized. At Consolidated, they look to provide customers with trusted and reliable cleaning systems that are coupled with a strong after-sales support. For more information, visit:

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