Recruitment process made easier with Servicedott’s Data Manager Recruit


Servicedott, an established and knowledgeable recruitment software solutions provider in Singapore, now gives you its flagship product DM Recruit (DM Recruit) for a more convenient and improved recruitment process. DM Recruit is made for addressing companies’ hiring and talent needs. With this, it is ensured that the particular service to be provided shall be suited and relevant to what the company is actually looking for.

This product of Servicedott, furthermore, gives their clients the following 5 key features: (1) Applicant Tracking System, (2) Career Portals, (3) Content Searching, (4) Microsoft Office Integration, and (5) Administrative Tools.

Applicant Tracking System
DM Recruit will definitely make sure that clients shall experience convenience of recruitment in every step of the way as this applicant tracking system will streamline the entire process from job creation, advertisement and publishing to candidate resume capture, filtering, interviewing and hiring.

ATS also has a lot of key characteristics. One to be noted is that it gathers candidates from different sources to one database. For instance, if job postings were done in many venues or sites, gathering candidates into one database for organization purposes will not be a problem. Data redundancy can also be avoided by managing resume versions for each candidate.

Career Portals
Career site portals can be made for the clients of DM Recruit. This is also convenient because no technical knowledge is needed for the operation of these portals. DM Recruit can also enhance branding for the company by increasing traffic to its online platform.

Content Searching
Tedious searching for particular keywords in the numerous resumes will be gone with content searching for it allows convenient search in resume attachment or even resumes collected. Another notable characteristic is that it can be used to search in more than 70 file formats used for resume attachments.

Microsoft Office Integration
With the continuous relevance of the use of Microsoft Office today, DM Recruit makes use of the Office products and integrates them for the convenience of recruitment processes. Some characteristics of this integration is sending personalized emails to candidates in one click and being able to email documents with automatic PDF conversion.

Administrative Tools
This feature is for the control on users of the management system, policy, and system setting. More importantly, without any dependency on IT staff, all data search can be managed in a centralized database. A centralized admin is in charge of the control uses access.

About Servicedott:
Servicedott is an established and knowledgeable recruitment software solutions provider in Singapore. For more information about their services, visit

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