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Even the best speakers still get their share of stage jitters whenever they’re about to speak in front of an audience. However they conquer their fears and before they knew it, they’re already sharing some thought-provoking ideas to inspire people. Perhaps you have the talent in effectively persuading your listeners. Then again, you may want to conquer some of your personal stumbling blocks in speaking.

Either way, you must definitely brace up and level up your public speaking skills by joining the National Public Speaking Competition. The Public Speaking Academy currently has exactly this contest to test and enhance the skills of Secondary and Tertiary students.

Why join the National Public Speaking Competition?

Being part of the nationwide competition gives you the chance to apply what you learned from public speaking training. If you dream to be the best version of yourself, this can be the avenue for you to be exceptional. By also sharing ideas and acquainting yourself with other students from various schools, you’ll get to experience the values of camaraderie. By the end of the competition, you’ll gain more confidence in speaking plus you’ll also get to win a couple of new friends along the way.

Your objectives of joining

As a student, you are being prepared by your school to face the real world in the future. Hence you will need all the skills necessary so you’ll be equipped enough to reach your dreams and make a difference in the long run. One of the most important skills you’ll need to learn would be to think on your feet and express your thoughts in an eloquent manner. The Public Speaking Academy’s national competition exactly provides the avenue for you to be ready for the real world.

Stages of the Competition

Before registering for the competition, it would additionally be a great idea for you to have some public speaking training in Singapore. The Public Speaking Academy also has courses which can be suited to meet your training needs and prepare you for the competition. The modules can be in forms of group classes and individual training sessions.

The National Speaking Competition involves three main phases. These would be the Registration, Qualifying Rounds and Grand Finals. At the Registration Stage, every school can send ten of their best students to join the competition. All will be tested and the best ones will be picked at the Qualifying Rounds. At the Grand Finals, three students will be awarded with Second and First Runner-Ups, along with the National Champion of Public Speaking.

About the Public Speaking Academy:

The Public Speaking Academy is a corporate entity which provides public speaking and presentation skills training in Singapore. It offers an array of modules to fit students of all ages. Through its trainings, the school empowers students to express and impress their audiences towards relaying their messages in persuasive ways. If you would like to know more about their programs, you may visit their site at: today.

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