Renting Cars in Singapore – The Smart Way


Car rental services available in Singapore at GALIn the past, when you would like to own something, you will make a purchase for it, however, there are times you will realise that some things were not utilised that often thus making it a waste of money.

Nowadays, there are rental services everywhere, mainly targeting users who will only use a particular product at a specific point in time. From house rentals, clothes rental to vehicle rentals, such services are common in the local city of Singapore.

Transport especially is an important part of our lives yet many times, we will find ourselves mulling over the costs of the vehicle, auto insurance, etc. If we only need vehicles during a specific period, then buying a vehicle may be slightly unnecessary when all you need is to rent one!

Renting vehicles are not difficult, with a few points to take note of:

Firstly, think of what type of vehicle you would like to rent in line with your purpose of renting the vehicle. There are many choices for renting a vehicle ranging from sedans, SUVs, MPVs, luxury to commercial vehicles. For example, if your purpose of vehicle renting is a family event, then vehicles like SUVs and MPVs may be more ideal since their seating capacity will be larger. However, for personal convenience, you may want to look at sedans or even luxury cars depending on the occasions.

Secondly, look at the period of your rental like a short or long term rental/leasing. It is important to consider how long your rental period will be since the cost will partly depend on it. It is always good to state how long you will be renting for since there may be cost negotiations and also to make sure that some side line requirements like insurance and road taxes are taken care of.

Lastly, the credibility of the rental company. It is always good to research on the company you will be renting your vehicle from since it will affect the safety of your passengers and yourself. You can check on the quality of vehicles, reviews of the customer service and how fast they handle vehicle issue.

At GAL – Global Advance Leasing in Singapore, they hold the one stop solutions to vehicle rental. From road tax, maintenance to insurance coverage to 24/7 roadside assistance, they strive to handle your needs with speed and quality. To find out more about their services, visit them here!

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