Requesting An Injection Molder Quote: What To Consider


Product manufacturers which use plastic parts may want to consider the injection molding quote process. With injection molders, product engineers are able to establish efficiencies for faster product marketing under budget. Also, these molders may produce low to high volume parts in various sizes.

To determine the injection molder to use, the first step is to get an injection molding quote. To streamline the process, here are the things that must be considered before requesting an accurate quote to design, develop and produce parts.

Access to CAD Drawings

Injection molders are capable of forming accurate quotes if they know the part being asked for. Detailed dimensional drawings offer clean information on the part’s size and complexity. In addition, a prototype or sample can help injection molders in making discoveries early in the process, maximizing design changes and manufacturability.

Appearance of the Parts’ End Use

It’s important to have a clear explanation of the plastic part’s intended use allows the injection molder to identify the materials, design tweaks and recommendations to improve parts. Also, the information provides a picture of which wear and tear the part is expected to be exposed to over time.

Expected Quantity

For a lot of injection molders including Fibertech, projecting the quantity is a significant factor as it is likely to determine their ability to run parts. The majority of molders categorize their business as high or low volume. Aluminum molds are recommended for shorter production. But, projects which require big quantities will need the use of hardened steel molds.

Part Size and Complexity

Intricate part designs require elaborate mold designs. In general, this increases the tool cost. Working with a knowledgeable injection molder that has design engineer resources and capabilities will help in finding efficiencies across all phases of the project. Also, understanding the part’s size will help in determining estimations of material quantity.

Material Type

Determining the best material to drive the cost, production, flexibility and function of parts can be done by considering various factors. Injection molders must provide a detailed explanation of the resins or materials which fit the production part’s cost requirements and unique needs.

Although companies don’t have to know everything about the processes involved in manufacturing plastic products before getting an injection molder quote, they must prepare themselves with the details associated with to the needs of specific parts. Providing such information to the molder is important in each step of the process.

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