Routes of Yoga: It’s More Than Just a Yoga Studio


Chances are you have heard about yoga and the yoga studio where everyone else in your neighborhood goes to sweat it off. Well, Routes of Yoga is not one of them. Unlike many studios, Routes of Yoga facilitates yoga retreats, immersions, and even teacher trainings around the world. The facility makes sure that you have an in-depth understanding of yoga through a combination of theoretical and practical activities. The practices involved in the programs that Routes of Yoga offers are based in the traditional principles of yoga. This includes different tools that can be suitable to all types of personalities. All these are laid down for the modern-day yoga practitioners to follow easily.

Retreats, Immersions, and Teacher Trainings
Yoga retreats are a good means for you to relax your mind, enhance your yoga practice, and to experience the local scenery. You will have enough time to go through workshops and yoga classes that will enhance your yoga practice and health in general. You’ll have the chance to taste sumptuous yet healthy cuisine while you’re at it.

Immersions are meant for yoga practitioners to take their yoga practice to the next level. This activity will enable the yoga practitioner to go in-depth in certain aspects of yoga. Through this, they will have a refined understanding and practice of yoga.

Teacher training programs are comprehensive training programs that will enable the yoga practitioners to sharpen their knowledge about yoga both in theory and practice and of all its aspects. This in turn will make them capable of teaching yoga to others.

There are also private classes and events that are offered by Routes of Yoga.

Fascinating Yoga Teachers
Daphne Charles is an architect by profession. She has discovered the yogic path in her aim to discover more the inner structures of her mind and body. Daphne founded a non-profit organization which works with rehab centers, senior citizens, and orphanages for them to benefit from yoga.

The other yoga teacher is Austrian Anton Jager. He discovered yoga when he went to India after he graduated from business school. Anton used to work with Google and had been in a volunteer mission with Doctors without Borders in Africa. Practicing yoga during these times gave him the life balance he needed; hence, he had been to India several times to study the traditions of yoga and for him to have a thorough understanding of this ancient science.

It’s time for you to meet them in person; you may check the site to learn more of their forthcoming yoga events and classes.

About Routes of Yoga
Routes of Yoga is a registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance. It offers retreats, immersions, and teacher trainings for those who like to have a thorough knowledge of yoga traditions both in theory and practice. You may find out more about their upcoming events through this site:

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