Routes of Yoga Offers the 200-Hour Alliance Certified Training


Want to know all there is about the beauty and discipline of Yoga? Then having a 200-Hour Training from Routes of Yoga (ROY) should definitely give you a comprehensive head start. With its series of lectures, demonstrations and principle sharing, you’ll definitely find your Yoga teacher training in Bali to be quite worth the awesome trip.

Founded by Yoga instructors, Daphne Charles and Anton Jager, Routes of Yoga also has a series of immersions, retreats, trainings and events for teachers to get inspired by. If you’re a practitioner who also wants to widen and extend your expertise in the discipline, checking out the Routes of Yoga curriculum would definitely be beneficial for you.

The 200-Hour, Alliance Certified Training is composed of three main areas. The Bali Yoga teacher training includes understanding the body and its flow of energies, the subtle and essential techniques of Yoga and the advisable methodologies of teaching.

The essential aspects of the Body

During this part of the program, instructors will be given the principles and foundational concepts when it comes to anatomy. A better understanding of the human body should enable an instructor to fully utilize the upcoming poses which will be practiced and learned from. A strong sense of the body should also enable an instructor to progress in more challenging stances.

Philosophical contexts of Yoga

The healthy effects of Yoga can be rooted from the ways of thinking which are associated with the discipline. In the second part of your Yoga teacher training course in Bali, you will be exposed to the concepts and subtleties of chakras (roughly translated as moods or energies), meditation, pranayama (a way of breathing) and many more.

The concepts are all interrelated towards total body alignment, easily carrying out poses and having a much healthier outlook in life. As a Yoga educator you’ll not only impart fitness tips, but also a way of viewing more about life in a much relaxed and open manner.

Get taught to teach

After having appreciated and getting fully immersed with the essence of Yoga, the third part ROY’s 200-Hour Alliance Certified Training would be about teaching methods. A particular style of teaching would be required when it comes to the unique discipline of Yoga. This is why the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, will give you the necessary guidelines so you can make the most of your classes.

As a Yoga instructor, it helps to know you have the support of your fellow experts. This way, you could carry out the more challenging parts of your classes with more confidence.  Overall, the entire program should prepare you to fully integrate the discipline of Yoga in your daily life. This should also enable you to naturally teach the course to your students since it would be second nature to your lifestyle.

Aspiring and committed instructors must definitely grab the learning opportunities which ROYS’ 200-Hour Alliance Certified Training offers. If you intend to further improve your teaching skills and knowledge, it’s advisable to sign up for the program today.

About Routes of Yoga:

Routes of Yoga or ROY offers a series of trainings, immersions, retreats and events for Yoga Teachers who wish to advance their expertise in the discipline. Founded by Daphne Charles and Anton Jager, it aims to facilitate the growth of their teaching students through personal journeys and outward expansions. For more information, visit

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