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SATA CommHealth is one of Singapore’s most remarkable social enterprises. They have been the leading institute in promoting awareness on heart and lung diseases. Started in the year 1947 as a health organization with the advocacy to fight tuberculosis, it soon grew to become one of Singapore’s biggest promoters of community health care.

Aiming to expand their health care services to more people across Singapore, SATA CommHealth Home Care was formed. Their goal is to reach out to the needy and physically challenged individuals and give them quality yet affordable home care supplies and services.

SATA first introduced their Homecare Service as a means to give aid to early discharge patients from hospitals, by providing them nursing service at their homes. SATA CommHealth would like to help patients achieve quick physical and physiological recovery even after they are in their homes.

SATA CommHealth’s Home Care offers a lot of services, which include: Wound Care & Dressing, Stoma Care, Change of Nasogastric/Feeding Tubes, Medication Packing & Review, Removal of Stitches and Staples, Intramuscular/Subcutaneous Injection, Monitoring of Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose, Nebulisation, Periodical Diagnostics, and many more. SATA’s caregivers are all well-trained and skilled professionals who understand the physical and emotional needs of patients.

It is easy to attain Home Care Services from SATA. If you have a loved one, say, a relative who was bedridden and in need of nursing care, all you need is a referral from the doctor, nurse or case manager who has knowledge of the patient’s conditions and needs. You can easily get approval for homecare through the hospital where your loved ones resided in. SATA CommHealth is also listed on the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) silver pages, so referrals can also be made through AIC.

Fees for homecare services are not a problem with SATA CommHealth Home Care. You can always apply for a subsidy. With the help of subsidies, you and your loved ones will obtain friendly health care services at home without worrying about your budget. The subsidies you can get will depend upon you or your loved one’s family household income as well as means testing. Means-test is a method used to calculate the subsidies you will receive from the government to support your healthcare services you and your loved one needs. With the means test, even patients with low family income are assured to get proper medical attention and health care at home. Depending on the results of means test, patients who are permanent residents can have up to 55% of subsidy. Singapore citizens can have subsidies up to 80%.

SATA CommHealth Homecare is a reliable provider for all those who need quality health care products and services, and they are the ones who reach out to you. They ensure to give patients the best of homecare service, without making them worried sick about fees.

About SATA CommHealth
SATA CommHealth started in 1947 as an organization of doctors and businessmen/philanthropists, whose advocacy was to raise awareness about tuberculosis, as well as how to prevent it. SATA CommHealth today offers great health care services at an affordable price. SATA is also known for conducting community health care projects, as well as Anti-Smoking campaigns in Singapore. To know more about SATA CommHealth, please visit:

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