SATA CommHealth or the Singapore Anti-Tuberculosis Association, an award winning social enterprise cum voluntary welfare organization continues to serve the public with a comprehensive range of health screening and general practitioner services.

Such services being offered by the SATA CommHealth are categorized accordingly. As with the consultation, SATA CommHealth provides services for Chronic Diseases Management, Consultation for Acute Ailments, Consultation with Cardiologist, and Consultation with Respiratory Specialist.SATA CommHealth like provides diagnostic services for Audiometry, Digital Retinal Photography, Electrocardiography, Laboratory Tests, Spirometry, Tonometry and Treadmill Stress Test.

Patients can also avail of SATA CommHealth’s other services. As such are the Homecare, Homecare Supplies, Medical Transportation, Occupational Health, Physiotherapy, Vaccinations and Wellness Services. Medical Imaging is also being offered specifically for Bone Mineral Densitometry, Echocardiography, Fluoroscopy, Mammography, Ultrasound and X-Ray.

Patients can also avail of SATA CommHealth’s Health Screening which includes General Health Check, Health Screening for Polytechnic Enrollment and Other Institutes of Higher Learning and Medical Check-up For Work Permit or Visa Application.

SATA CommHealth would like to remind people who haven’t done any recent medical check-ups and have forgotten about all the do’s and don’ts about the steps one has to note before going through any health check.

First is the fasting. SATA Commhealth’s health screening appointment is usually scheduled in the morning. If required, patients are strictly recommended to start fasting from 10 o’clock in the evening on the night before their appointment. They may drink plain water in the morning of their appointment. Urinalysis is also a process that is strictly required. For ladies, this test should be carried out approximately three days after the last day of their menstruation.

As with the stool collection, patients may collect their stools one day before or on the morning of their appointment. They are advised to collect about two teaspoons of stool sample and place them into a small and clean plastic container.

PAP SMEAR is a test that should be done about one week after the last day of women’s menstruation.

For women who are going to undergo a mammography, they are advised to not apply perfume, deodorant, talcum powder or body lotion before their mammogram session. If they have their own mammogram films, they may wish to bring it along with them. Mammogram session should be arranged about one week after the last day of their menstruation, to achieve accurate results. Unless there are specific risk factors, mammography is not recommended if a patient is below 40 years old. It will be ideal to stop breastfeeding for about six months before going for a mammography.

For pregnant women who plan to undergo a health screening during pregnancy, they are being reminded that they are not allowed to undergo X-Rays and mammography.

For treadmill session, patients are advised to eat a light meal before the test and avoid consuming butter, cream, coffee or tea and alcohol. They are also advised to be properly attired; if possible they are advised to wear jogging shoes, shorts and a T-shirt. But as with women, they should wear a sports brassiere, tube top or any tight T-shirt to prevent excessive chest movement during the test, while men with hair on the chests should shave their chest hair before coming for the test. Patients who are on drugs such as Digoxin (heart pills), nitroglycerin, betablockers (Propanolol, Atenolol), calcium antagonists and isosorbides should inform their doctors and nurse about that information.

Patients are also reminded of the things needed to be brought on the day of the health screening which are the NRIC / passport / work permit, their past medical records (up to three years ago), existing medications and vitamin supplements if there are any and spectacles,too if there are any.

SATA CommHealth or the Singapore Anti-Tuberculosis Association is an award winning social enterprise cum voluntary welfare organization which continues to serve the public with a comprehensive range of health screening and general practitioner services.

SATA CommHealth is guided by its core values. They are anchored to providing services with compassion, dedicated to show care and concern for the health of the community, especially for the sick and needy. The medical team and staff likewise show respect and treat everyone with dignity, fairness and professionalism. They are as well in pursuit of excellence, for the highest standard of clinical and service quality. The social enterprise acts with accountability, integrity and responsibility in delivering their commitments. Moreover, they foster camaraderie and solidarity amongst their staff and also their partners. And most importantly, they work on with empowerment enabling their patients to take ownership of their health and well-being. For more information,visit:

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