Secure up to 25 domains: Cyber Secure Asia showcases DigiCert’s Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificates


Cyber Secure Asia makes more rooms and internet space for different information and services offered by their clients using the specific medium. It offers various DigiCert SSL certificates for a wide range of functions and solutions in internet space and security. The client has options so as to make their own website efficient and convenient to their own customers and clients.

“Now it’s about selecting the certificate that best suits your needs.”

With a single SSL Certificate, clients can now secure up to 25 domains for their web space through DigiCert’s Multi-Domain (SAN) certificate, giving you complete control over Subject Alternative Name (SANs) field. Moreover, they can now simplify management and server configuration as the company utilizes all services under one IP address to allow clients to add, change, or delete any of the SANs effectively. Hence, a Multi-Domain (SAN) SSL certificate for clients and customers according to their specific needs.

DigiCert’s Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificate is also a perfect solution to the changing needs that occurs in every organization’s network system. DigiCert certificates provide for professional services to extend internet facilities without encountering difficulties in handling complex functions and complimenting such in the demands of the revolving needs of a network system.

Under DigiCert, they have a wide range of tools to make SSL management easy and simplified even for beginners by providing a simplified maintenance to the particular solutions provided by the company. This will provide efficient access and maintenance to the multiple domains that supports a network system.

The domains are also secured with an exclusive control of the company to the access of the internet information they gathered and stored. This is done through the cyber security measures employed protecting confidential information from being fished out by random virtual explorer in the borderless channel of the internet.

Hence, the 25 domains through DigiCert’s Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificate are constricted and protected as well. The existence of multiple-domain (SAN) certificate does not impair the protection being provided by the company.

Clients can also get to enjoy the other benefits offered by Cyber Secure Asia such as Fastest Certificate Issuance, Browser compatibility, Unlimited Server License, and other management solutions the company has provided through their services and expertise in the cutting edge field.

About the company:

Cyber Secure Asia (CSA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of CyberTrust Japan, a pioneer in Japan’s security certification market for 20 years. CyberTrust Japan opens its first office in Singapore as Cyber Secure Asia (CSA) to offer professional expertise in security certifications and solutions to companies within South East Asia. Many clients, both big and small trust Cyber Secure Asia because of their high-quality service and operation. In a broad category of services that CSA provides, the company handles Identity and Access Management (IAM) using state-of-the-art Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology for businesses with an online presence. To find out more, visit:


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