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After stocking up on your workout ensemble, it would be good to complete your whole paraphernalia through accessories and other stylish pieces. Eikon has a varied line of Women’s Gym Wear which should fit the personality of any exercise buff. These are just few of the pieces which are certainly worth exploring:

Stay hydrated with Blender bottle selections

Eikon has different types and colors of Blender bottle pieces. You can definitely pick from their selections, depending on which ones can flatter your personality and outfit. These are also designed with innovation, style and versatility. Priced at $18, you’ll definitely get your investment’s worth,while you keep your body hydrated all throughout your session.

Creatively choose your tops

You can never have enough shirts, especially if you’re committed about going to the gym or running on a daily basis. Eikon has Lorna Jane pieces which are available in different colors and materials. Some of them may even have quirky or unique prints, such as “Absolutely Awesome” or “Be All In or Get Out, There Is No Halfway.” These are quite motivating words, as they also come in different shades or colors. Pick from pink, lime green, aqua blue, purple and other shades today.

Get covered and feel secure with women’s sports bra

Go beyond conventional styles, and experiment with stylish straps or colors of sports bra selections from Eikon. They even have bra and top tank combinations, which should make it easier for you to get ready for a workout. These pieces of sports bra are also made with sturdy, breathable material. The materials should ensure you’ll stay comfortable and focused on your routines.

Others’ fabrics can even easily dry off, which means you can keep working out for hours without worrying much about sweat. They’re also modestly priced, if you’re looking for pieces which will last for a few years.

Stay comfortable and feel freer with workout shorts

If you’re the type of workout buff who does not want to be bothered with too many layers of fabric, then running or gym shorts should fit you. They are available in different colors such as peach, black, yellow, grey, orange and so much more. Eikon also has shorts selections with various patterns or they also come in blocks of colors.

Who says every workout session always has to be the same way? Mix and match the pieces you’ve chosen, so you can keep inspired throughout your every visit at the gym or running field.

About Eikon

Founded in 2014, Eikon makes it possible for customers to find the workout pieces which should fit their fitness needs. The online store has ensembles for men and women, whether they’re working out at the gym or running field. Women also have the option to pick materials for their Yoga & Pilates classes. They also have inspirational tank tops so customers can keep motivated with their exercises. For more details about the items they have, visit their website at

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