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Stay memorable to your clients, with Klassic’s stationeries. If you’re planning to give away some tokens anytime soon, stationery collectibles would be among the most practical and fun gift ideas which you can consider. Choose among Klassic’s highlighters, pens and pencils, lanyards, memo pads and notebooks, document files and calculators. It’s so much fun to organize ideas and documents with these corporate gifts in Singapore.

Choose from over dozens of highlighters

Aid your clients in keeping organized, with Klassic’s various types of highlighters. These have various ranges of colors and designs which can suit the personality of your company. For instance, if you own a health center or you’re a pharmaceutical company, you can give out syringe shaped highlighters. These are quite creative corporate gifts, as they can also be great to design your clients’ tables.

The highlighters are also available with different functionalities and materials. They can be made with metallic, magnetic and plastic materials. They may also come with clips or pens. If you’re a member of Klassic, it’s possible to gain discounts from buying these items plus they can also be delivered for free.

Check out Klassic’s pens and pencils

Who wouldn’t want to have new sets of pens to write with? Klassic has over 19 types of colored pens which you can choose from, plus they also come with different functionalities. It’s awesome to know the retailer has 96 kinds of pen and pencil sets which you can choose from. If you’re in the medical industry, your clients would also be amused if you’ll be giving out capsule pens. Finger pens are also fun to have, especially when you’re an event organizer who’s targeting a younger crowd.

Keep thoughts organized with memo pads and notebooks

Klassic has a range of note pads which you can choose from. They also have sticky memo pads and stationery holders. You can even take on the fun route by having the puzzle post it pad, which comes with differently shaped, neon post-its within a recycled box. Klassic offers service where logos could be printed on top of the box, via silk screen printing.

Document files

It’s much more fun to organize documents, especially when you have colored folders. For easier reference, your clients can even color code the documents which they’ll store in each folder. If a set of documents are urgent for routing, then they will be placed in green folders. However, for minutes of the meeting, the paper works can then be placed in blue or purple folders. Among your corporate gift ideas, it’s so much fun to find how printing on these folders can enable for memorability among clients


About Klassic

Klassic is an online gifts shop which carries hundreds of corporate gift ideas for companies to choose from. They have a number of categories to fit the merchandising taste of their clients, plus they also allow for discounts among members. For more details about their products and services, you may visit:

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