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TNS Industrial IP camerasEnsure your investments will stay secure, by installing sturdy and reliable video surveillance materials. TNS has a couple of Industrial Cameras, Industrial Video Servers, Industrial Network Video Recorders, Fiber Optic Video Transmissions and Ethernet OverCoaxial units for your to choose from.

If you’ve lately invested in a Managed Ethernet Switch system, then you’ll definitely need a couple of surveillance equipment to keep a close eye on your installation.


Here are few of the options which you must check out over at the TNS store:

See your choices of Industrial IP Cameras

If you’d like to install cameras even in the harshest conditions, then it’s quite crucial to check your industrial camera options. TNS has selections which may also be placed even in remote sites. Among the top brands which you must consider would be Moxa.

The units you can look through are VPort 06-2 Series, VPort 26A-1MP, VPort 36-1MP, VPort 56-2MP, VPort 66-2MP and many more. Their features are optimized, depending on their intended purposes.See which ones would greatly fit your premises, so you can easily see and monitor your vicinity.

Invest in an Industrial Network Video Recorder

If your equipment has been set up even in the harshest conditions, it would still be necessary to have your video recorded in place for monitoring. This is especially important when you’ve installed a Managed Ethernet Switch system into your building.

A standard, high quality video recorder such as the MxNVR-IA8can usually support H.264, MJPEG and MPEG4video recording formats.You can even have your event scheduled and recorded depending on your preferred durations.

The MxNVR-MO4 is yet another handy item since it offers low power consumption, without the need for any heater or fan. It can even transmit and simultaneously record H.264 and MJPEG video streams, as it meets the EN 61373 vibration criteria. This durable recorder can certainly fit your network’s security needs, as you also ensure your equipment’s efficiency.

Ensure clear signals with Fiber Optic Video Transmission

Clear transmissions are important, especially when you’re about to send out crucial messages throughout your network. This is where an effective Fiber Optic Video Transmission would be handy. This material can be applied on security, CCTV, industrial and broadcasting applications.

The compact NHD100DR Micro is a transmitter and receiver which includes RS422/485 data with the use of a single fiber. It has a data rate which includes its speed at up to 1.485Gbps. It’s also available with a wide operating temperature range from below 40ºC up to over 75ºC.


About TNS Asia Pacific

TNS is Singapore’s leading supplier of industrial networking and computing equipment for B2B distributors.Their carried pieces of equipment include Industrial Ethernet, Serial Connectivity, Industrial Computer, Remote Automaton, Video Surveillance and accessory items.

Don’t miss out on the chances to further ensure the seamlessness of your networking systems. Look through your options for innovation. Be sure to visit their website at and talk to a representative today.


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