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Are you looking for a go-to limousine transport and city tour in Singapore? Then you’d be glad to further learn about the top services from Friendly Wheel Transport. Whether you’re a tourist, a businessman or a resident who’s looking for convenience during travel, you’ll find a top service to drive you around in Friendly Wheel Transport.

Receive professional airport transfer in Singapore

It’s highly necessary to be punctual especially when you’re scheduled for an early morning flight. With Friendly Wheel Transport, you’ll surely get the professional service you need at any time of the day. You can even have an on-call limousine service as you travel to and from the airport. Friendly Wheel Transport is also happy to provide you with their expertise even with minimal lead time.

See the Lion City in the most convenient ways possible

Did you know there are dozens of beautiful sites which you can explore in Singapore? By having the service of Friendly Wheel Transport, you no longer have to worry about long walks and getting confused with maps. By agreeing on an itinerary, you may already sit back, relax and enjoy your trip to various destinations. Check out Universal Studios, Adventure Cove Water Park, Sentosa and many other places and stay cozy with a hired service to drive you around.

Schedule a Corporate Service for your business partners

You’d certainly want to make an exceptional impression to your potential clients and long-term partners. This is why it would be a plus if you’d go the extra mile in making their travels convenient. By having Friendly Wheel Transport with you, you can schedule and have a package for airport or meeting transfers, ferries for events, services for conventions and conferences, and even long term transport services in Singapore.

Make big events manageable

Whether you have a wedding or a major family outing coming up, it would be much more convenient for everyone to just hop in and make memories on the road. You can call in over at Friendly Wheel Transport, so your grand event will be covered. Now you know no one will be late, with a call time and a meeting place in mind. There’s also no need to schedule multi-car seating and meet up arrangements, since you can already schedule for a family or big group service event with Friendly Wheel Transport.

Check out your preferred rates

The transport company also has various rates and corresponding vehicles for you to choose from. Pick among 13, 7, 23 or even 45 seat vehicles. There are also luxury units which you can ride on, so you can travel in style whenever you want or need to.

About Friendly Wheel Transport
Friendly Wheel Transport is Singapore’s go-to transport service which caters to various types of travelers. They have the Airport Transfer, Singapore City Tour, Corporate Service and Event Transport Service among their main offerings. To know more about their packages, rates and other service details, visit their website at

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