Senior Robotics Education Certification at IN3LABS


IN3LABS is offering a Senior Robotics Education Certification program.  This program is meant for kids aging 13 to 17 years old.  Among the courses offered at the institution, the Senior Robotics Education Certification is considered as the most advanced. The designs of the robots built during the entire course are more complicated and are meant to really work. Parents and the enrolees have considered this course as very beneficial, especially if the young students are really gifted in the sphere of technology. It is said that with the education certification, the kids’ future in engineering and technology is made more possible.

The course itself is structured. This means that the kids will not be immediately subjected to so much pressure of building a complicated robot before they go through a series of classroom discussions. A good deal of time is spent for such discussions so that they would be properly educated on the basics of robotics as well as its more advanced topics. It is only after each phase will they be given the opportunity to actually realize their understanding of the discussions through practicum, such as the designing and the building of the robots. According to an IN3LABS instructor, he has not heard any complaints from the students because of the structured course.

Upon taking the course, the students shall be provided with robot kits, which they could assemble later on after the classroom discussions. Aside from this, they would also be trained to program software that would be needed in the operation of the robots. All these are already part of the package for Senior Robotics Education Certification.  The parents do not have to worry about additional expenses, such as the purchase of the robot kits and other hardware and software. These are provided immediately during the length of the training course.

There is one introductory level and 9 levels of the course.  For each of the course, there are only four sessions. One session is to be conducted per week. This is good news for students who are still busy with other concerns that are also very important, such as school. They can continue going to school and still be able to finish the education certification program from IN3LABS. The duration of the lessons per session is only 2 hours. This ensures better focus; preventing the students from lack or loss of interest and be easily distracted.


IN3LABS is an institution established by educators who see the need of making students more inclined to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It is now the leader in Singapore when it comes to robotics education among the young. Because of its endeavors, the educators and IN3LABS itself has gained various awards.  What it considers as its most prized possession though is the appreciation of its students and their parents. Many of the individuals who have taken a course at IN3LABS have actually decided to further their knowledge and training by entering engineering courses later.  For more information about the institution, visit its website

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