Serviced Apartments Are Best For Corporate Housing


Business executives who travel a lot often feel distressed because of being in a hotel for a long period of time. They miss their homely atmosphere and food of choice. No one can help people like this to cut short their travel duration. But, the hospitality industry and property dealers have come with an option that can give people an accommodation that will make them feel like living at home. And the wonderful option is ‘furnished apartments’, such apartments are also known as serviced apartments Singapore. These days it has become one of the most popular accommodations for corporate housing Singapore.

Reasons for the same are many like:

  • The furnished apartments come with ample space that can be used by people living into it in anyways. four star hotel Singapore
  • Some business executives rent this apartment for long duration and use it for accommodation as well as like an office.
  • The apartment used for corporate housings are just like a house that has ample to accommodate more than one or two people.
  • The furnished apartments hold all the facilities that remain in a hotel like laundry, food, cleaning and many more, yet it seems more like a house.
  • When the apartments are booked for long duration, special discounts are also offered by service providers.

So, these are some of the advantages corporate apartments that one does not get it with hotel rooms.

How to book serviced residence in Singapore for corporate work?

Furnished or semi-furnished houses have become popular and comfortable accommodation for people who remains on frequent business travel. To cater this market, many renowned real estate companies and hotels have started providing this service. The option of booking furnished apartment is also available to travel agents and travel sites.

One of the examples is Oakwood; it is a world leader in providing apartment for all the purposes around Singapore. Booking of apartment provided by the company can be done either from the website of Oakwood as well as with the help of travel agents.

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