ServiceDott Keeps the Hiring Process Simple with its Innovative Recruitment Software System


ServiceDott helps take a huge load off their client’s back offering timely and effective solutions with its intuitive and up to date hiring management system.

ServiceDott understands the process a huge number of companies go through when looking for a suitable candidate to be included in their team. It should be noted that hundreds and up to thousands of applications are sent to companies on a regular day to day basis. If left unattended, these often tend to accumulate and pile up over time making them much harder to process. This increases the likelihood of missing a potential and promising employee as their application form may get lost along the way. Such is not the case, however, at ServiceDott with the company offering a robust candidate management system that is available on their website.

With the help of ServiceDott’s applicant tracking system, clients are able to easily sort through dozens of applications while at the same time make job postings for permanent, temporary or contract jobs which just a few clicks of the button. The company’s cloud recruitment system is able to pull data in batch mode from Excel or Folders, in an effort to create a sturdy centralized database of candidates, jobs, clients and contacts. Another handy feature with their recruitment software in Singapore is the ability to save candidate information through the email interface which makes it simpler for the recruiters to work with a single data bucket. The result is a resounding success and convenience as companies are able to attend to each and every one of the applications they receive with the help of HR software in Singapore.

Using tools such as talent management system or perhaps talent management software can be a bit overwhelming to some companies. This is especially true for newcomers who are introduced to an online recruitment system for the very first time. HR recruitment can be used right from the get go at ServiceDott with the company providing simple and easy to understand user interface. In addition, ServiceDott has also made themselves within their clients reach with the company integrating its services over the internet. As a result, just about anyone will be able to get in touch with their services and have most of their questions and other related inquiries answered in a timely and effective manner in the comfort of their homes.

About Service Dott:

ServiceDott Pte Ltd specializes in providing state-of-the-art Candidate Management System to organizations to improve their efficiency and effectiveness of Talent management. Founded more than six years ago by seasoned recruitment professionals from the industry, ServiceDott is well known for helping businesses automate the various activities associated with their recruitment and hiring process. Hundreds of companies and thousands of recruiters make use of their Cloud-based software daily to reduce their labour of placement and hiring. To find out more, you can head over to their website at

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